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Bloomfield, CT Chimney Crown Replacement | Chimney Services

The chimney crown at this Bloomfield, CT home was in need of replacement. Our certified chimney technicians removed and disposed of the old crown. We then installed a UL Listed insulated stainless steel liner to fireplace with all required hardware. We used Chambertech 2000 to seal the smoke chamber. We also replaced the old crown with a Portland […]

Rocky Hill CT New Crown Installation | Crown Rebuilding

Our fully trained chimney repair specialist prepared the staging area to install a new Portland Cement crown at a home in Rocky Hill, CT. The top clay flue tile for the fireplace and old crown was removed.  A stainless steel multi-cap was installed to help prevent rain and animals from getting into the chimney. Chimney saver water repellent […]

Collinsville CT Chimney Crown & Cap Installation | Chimney Repair

Our crew of certified and trained chimney sweeps performed an installation for a new chimney cap and crown at a home in Collinsville, CT. We installed a UL listed liner to ensure top performance from their chimney and venting system. Our technicians left the customers satisfied with our performance of labor. Click here to submit […]

Simsbury CT Chimney Rebuild | Chimney Repairs

Our certified chimney sweeps assembled the staging in order to remove a chimney at a home in Simsbury, CT. We removed the debris and deteriorated materials of the chimney to the roofline flashing, then rebuilt the entire chimney area with new masonry materials to meet IRC code. All areas were cleaned and returned to normal […]

Windsor CT New Chimney Crown Rebuild | Chimney Crown Repair

A home located in Windsor, CT, needed a new chimney crown. Our professional chimney and masonry technicians set up a work area to remove and dispose of the old and cracked chimney crown. We then reinstalled the caps and cleaned up the job site. Click here to submit your review. Submit your review Name: *Review […]

Newington CT Chimney Removal | Chimney Rebuilding & Water Repellant

A chimney in Newington, CT had deteriorated beyond simple repair. Our crew of certified and trained chimney sweeps set up a tower and roof scaffolding. We removed the deteriorated section of the chimney which was approximately 130 bricks. We then installed all new lead flashing and a stainless steel cap. A coat of water repellant […]

Bristol CT Chimney Rebuilding | Chimney Cap Installation

The chimney on a home in Bristol, CT required a rebuild as it was deteriorated all the way to the flashing. Our chimney professionals removed all of the masonry material to the roofline flashing and rebuilt the chimney with new materials, following IRC code requirements. We then installed a custom size chimney cap on the […]

West Hartford CT Chimney Removal and Chimney Rebuilding Service

Our certified chimney technicians set up staging around a chimney at a house in West Hartford, CT. We removed a deteriorated section of the chimney and rebuilt the chimney using all new materials to meet IRC code requirements. We then replaced the chimney flashing and installed a custom sized chimney cap. Click here to submit […]

South Windsor CT Chimney Fire Repair | Chimney Fire Restoration

A home in South Windsor, CT was subject to a chimney fire. Our dedicated & highly trained chimney professionals set up tower and scaffolding so we could remove the existing clay flue tiles. We installed a new fireplace – UL listed stainless steel liner and an oil flue liner. We also removed the the effected […]

Vernon CT Chimney Rebuilding on Crumbling Brick Chimney

The certified chimney sweeps of Northeastern Chimney visited a home in Vernon, CT to rebuild a chimney that was falling apart and in desperate need of repair. We removed and disposed of all the chimney materials through a few courses below the roofline. Our technicians then installed new lead flashing and rebuilt the chimney using using […]