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Chimney Repairs

Look for our brightly-marked company vehicles as they travel on their way to provide chimney sweep services like chimney masonry work, flashing repair, chimney liners, chimney crown rebuilding, and chimney restoration in West Hartford, Manchester, Avon, Colchester, Tolland, East Hampton, Chesire, Southington, and Glastonbury.

chimney liner installed in west hartford to repair clay chimney liner

Chimney Liners

Your chimney liner plays the crucial role of venting smoke and toxic gases through the chimney and out of your home. If your liner is damaged, incorrectly sized, or malfunctioning you run the risk of byproducts from your fireplace or stove backing up into the home. If you are experiencing a smokey fireplace, it may be a sign that your liner needs to be replaced.

Since the chimney liner is one of the most important components of the whole chimney system, it’s extremely important to have a properly functioning chimney liner in good condition. During an annual inspection, our certified chimney sweeps will analyze the condition of your liner and identify any areas of vulnerability. If there are any cracks, blockages, or deterioration, we offer chimney relining services.

chimney leaking prevention in Burlington CT

Water Repellent

Over time, moisture can wreak havoc on your chimney's masonry and create irreversible damage to the structure. Connecticut homes and chimneys are subject to harsh weather conditions during the course of the year that can wear down the integrity of a chimney’s masonry materials causing spalling, erosion, and efflorescence.

Luckily, there is a way to limit the amount of damage water has on your chimney. In order to prolong the useful life of your chimney, our certified chimney sweeps can apply a water repellant coating to keep moisture from entering vulnerable masonry. With waterproofing, your chimney is better protected from rain and snow.

chimney flashing repair in Avon CT

Flashing Repair

Chimney flashing acts as a water deterrent at the base of your chimney on the roof that helps to prevent pooling. The flashing is custom-fitted and installed at an angle to guide water away allowing it to run off of the chimney and roof rather than soaking into the structure.

If your chimney flashing is loose or missing, water can seep into the roof, chimney structure, or attic, causing wood rot, mold, and drywall damage. Moisture damage is extremely expensive to deal with after the fact, so it’s imperative to take preventative measures to avoid complications from extensive water damage. Contact our chimney experts to find out more about our flashing repair services.

Chimney Crown Repair in Avon CT

Crown Rebuilding

The chimney crown acts as a roof to your chimney structure, protecting the flue and top of the chimney from weather-related deterioration or damage. If your chimney crown contains cracks or openings, water can seep into the internal chimney system causing a great deal of damage that can get very expensive to repair if left unresolved.

Our chimney technicians are able to both seal or rebuild the crown of your chimney to ensure that water remains out of your chimney system & flue. For smaller cracks, a sealant can be applied to the crown to protect the structure. However, for more major gaps or damage, a complete crown rebuild may be required.

firebox repair in Southington CT

Firebox Rebuilding

After years of use, a firebox may begin to degrade or deteriorate due to the intense heat from your fireplace. Refractory mortar may begin to fall out or the firebricks may begin to crumble. If your firebox is showing signs of cracks, missing mortar, or other deterioration, it’s time to repair or rebuild your firebox.

If you suspect any damage to your firebox, it is crucial to have it inspected and repaired or rebuilt before lighting a fire in your fireplace. Using a damaged firebox can lead to serious dangers including carbon monoxide leakage, excessive smoke, and even house fires.

chimney rebuilding in Farmington ct

Masonry Work

Every component of your chimney plays a vital role in a properly functioning and efficient system whether it be smoke ventilation or protection from water and debris. When any part of your chimney's masonry is compromised, it leaves the entire chimney vulnerable to serious damage that can become very expensive to fix.

Our professional chimney crew performs a number of masonry repair & restoration work on all styles & sizes of chimneys. We specialize in tuckpointing or mortar repointing, chimney crown repair, chimney rebuilding, firebox repair & replacement, and even chimney restoration. Contact our team today for chimney masonry repairs you can rely on.

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