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Plainville, CT Chimney Inspections | Chimney Repair In Plainville

Plainville CT and residents in Hartford County and the Farmington Valley area of Connecticut trust in NEC for chimney sweep services like chimney repair, chimney lining, chimney rebuilding, and chimney inspections.

Plainville CT Chimney Sweeps service all fireplaces, inserts, stoves, chimneys, furnace flues, & venting systems in the town of Plainville and in the greater Hartford region.

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Since 1984, we have served hundreds of residents in Plainville and the surrounding area who have recommended us to their friends and family. If you ask your friends and neighbors whom they trust for chimney maintenance services, the name you are likely to hear is Northeastern Chimney, Inc. You may even recognize our colorful trucks from seeing them on your street or traveling down I-84 or CT-72 West. Everyone on our team is CSIA certified and keeps up with the newest industry standards, products and best practices. We are also good standing members of the Nation Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG). When you call us to service your chimney, you can trust that we will make sure it adheres to the highest safety standards and latest building codes for Hartford County. 

If you have a Leaky Chimney, you may notice moisture around your fireplace near the ceiling or inside your firebox call immediately for a Chimney Inspection before chimney damage gets worse. Leaky Chimneys and Water Intrusion are the main cause of chimney deterioration which can require chimney rebuilding if left unattended for too long.

The qualities that set us apart the most are our professionalism, punctuality and attention to detail. We make it a priority to showing up on time and give you accurate estimates of the timeframe and costs for a project so that there are no surprises. If we recommend any repairs or services, you will receive a written estimate along with a thorough explanation of why we think they are necessary. We use video and camera equipment when we do inspections so that you can see for yourself what we find. You can ask us any questions that you have about the project or about chimney and fireplace maintenance. No question you have is too complicated or simple to us. We’re happy to share our knowledge with you.

Beware of chimney sweeps who call you offering rock bottom prices for a cleaning or inspection! Chimney sweep scams are common here in Connecticut. According to the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List, these fake chimney sweeps often convince homeowners they found serious chimney damage during their phony cleaning or inspection. Many times, they will show homeowners broken pieces of brick that they claim to have found as evidence that the chimney is in disrepair. They use this tactic to take advantage of homeowners’ trust and receive large payments for unneeded repairs.

Your chimney system could be seriously damaged by a fake chimney contractor. A bad cleaning job, poorly installed chimney cap or inappropriately installed chimney liner could all increase the risk of carbon monoxide exposure or a house fire. The best way to avoid a scam like this is to be wary of contractors who offer prices that seem too good to be true and to make sure that the chimney contractor you hire is CSIA certified, properly licensed and fully insured.

The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) is the most trusted association that certifies chimney technicians. All technicians that receive their certification have gone through intensive technical training on how to properly repair and clean chimney systems. They have also studied the best safety procedures to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning and residential fires. You can check to see if a business is CSIA certified on their website.

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It is important for you to have confidence in your chimney contractor. That is why we recommend that our first time customers read our reviews and get a second opinion on estimates for large projects. We want you to know that we are the best chimney service provides to take care of your chimney system.

Our CSIA technicians are fully qualified to help you whether you need a chimney inspection, chimney cleaning, chimney restoration, chimney repairs or a new chimney lining. We will never leave you with any clean up! Making sure that you home looks just as good, or better, when we leave as it did when we arrived is part of the job to us.

If you are looking for a chimney sweep service that you can trust to go above and beyond who serves Plainville and the rest of Hartford County, give us a call!

Don’t fall for the “cheap sweep” scam. Fake “chimney sweeps” have been calling homeowners, offering hard-to-beat prices on regularly chimney cleanings and inspections. These so-called contractors are not certified and almost never insured. Their whole goal is to get the job so they can then upsell the homeowners on expensive chimney repairs. Many times, these repairs aren’t required or necessary, but since many homeowners aren’t familiar with the anatomy of their chimney and venting system, they must take a contractor at their word.


Don’t agree to any extensive chimney services or repairs without getting a second option from a reputable chimney sweep company first! Since most of these “cheap sweeps” are not qualified to work on your chimney, you may be putting yourself and your home at risk if you hire them.

Every chimney sweep technician is certified by CSIA and each job is completed to the highest of standards. Our company is fully insured and our professional technicians will always arrive to the job site on time, in a company uniform, and in one of our brightly-marked company vehicles.

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