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Pellet Stoves

Our certified chimney technicians sell and install pellet stoves for residents in West Hartford, EastWindsor, Farmington, Avon, Simsbury, West Simsbury, Canton, Burlington, Bloomfield, Weatogue, and the surrounding areas.

Pellet Stoves - Newington - Inserts - Avon CT

Pellet stoves are an eco-friendly heat source that act as a heating powerhouse to effectively warm your home oneven the coldest of winter days. Pellet burning stoves are simple to use and produce a constant flame that requires little to no adjustments. Many pellet stove models even offer self-ignition and automatic control via a thermostat. Modern pellet stoves feature a high-tech computer system that will monitor performance & safety conditions, and allow the unit to operate for hours at a time, no poking or feeding the fire needed!

How Pellet Stoves Work

While all of the fireplace inserts and stoves we sell are highly efficient, pellet stoves are by far the most efficient of all. Pellet stoves use a low moisture fuel source that is made of compressed wood waste, scraps, and sawdust. These fuel pellets are poured into the stove’s hopper, then slowly feed into the burn pot or combustion chamber, where they are cleanly burned to produce a steady heat source. Pellet stoves also feature a venting system which pulls cool air from the room into the burn pot where it is warmed then blown back into the room by a high-powered fan.

Pellet stoves also utilize a specially designed exhaust pipe that is sealed in a way to allow gases to be forced out of the home instead of relying on a proper chimney draft. Thanks to this forced exhaust system, pellet stoves do not require a masonry chimney as some stoves or inserts do. Depending on the pellet stove model you choose, vertical venting may not even be necessary. There are a number of highly efficient models that can actually be vented horizontally through an outside wall which gives the homeowner much more flexibility with installation. Pellet stoves can be added to almost any room thanks to this particular feature.

Attractive Style & Convenience

Pellet stoves are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles, so you will be able to find a unit that matches your current décor or taste. Not to mention, these high-tech heating systems come with a number of convenient features that allow homeowners to enjoy a burning flame without the labor and legwork of a real wood burning fireplace or stove. Our chimney & fireplace experts will gladly answer any questions you have regarding Pellet Stoves, and can even help direct you to the perfect unit for your home.

While pellet stoves have an easy-to-use operation and offer plenty of features and modern conveniences, proper installation is necessary to reach ultimate efficiency and safe operation. Contact us today for a professionally installed pellet stove so you can start enjoying the benefits of the most environmentally friendly heat source.

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