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Simsbury CT Chimney Sweep Services & Leaky Chimney Repair

Residents in Simsbury, CT, and the surrounding communities of West Simsbury, CT, Hoskins, CT, Tariffville, CT, Windsor, CT, and Weatogue, CT, count on Northeastern Chimney of West Hartford, CT, for the very best in chimney sweep services.  We also perform a full range of chimney inspection and repair services.

For more than 30 years, we’ve served our customers in Simsbury with excellent service and workmanship, delivering peace of mind that comes from knowing your chimney and fireplace are safe and in proper working order.  You’ve probably seen our eye-catching service vehicles rolling along Hopmeadow St. (Hwy. 202), Riverside Road, West St., Terry’s Plain Road, or Farms Village Road.  If you did, you know we were heading to another home to perform exceptional work.

simsbury ct chimney sweep and chimney repairChimney Sweeps

When we clean a chimney, we do a lot more than just clean it.  Of course, our certified chimney sweeps perform all necessary cleaning functions including the removal of creosote and any debris that could cause an air-flow obstruction.  We also look closely at the inside of the chimney, using advanced video equipment to see what’s actually going on down there.

The key to successful chimney cleaning is having the right tools for the job and knowing how to use them.  For this reason, we never recommend that a homeowner do his or her own chimney cleaning.  Additionally, a skilled technician is able to spot leaks, cracks in the mortar and other problems and get them repaired before serious damage occurs.

Chimney cleaning and inspection go hand in hand for our customers in Simsbury, CT, which is less than eight miles away from our office in West Hartford, CT.

Choosing a Chimney Sweep

How do you know you’ve chosen the right chimney sweep company to clean your chimney and perform professional inspections?  First, you want to look for techs who are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America.  This certification ensures that the individual cleaning your chimney has demonstrated high-level expertise in this work.  You also want to make sure that your chimney sweep is fully insured.  Not all chimney sweeps carry sufficient insurance, so keep an eye out for this.

Being on time and dependable is another thing to look for in a chimney sweep.  Companies that truly care about their customers in Simsbury, CT, and neighboring communities will make it a point to arrive at your home at the agreed-upon time.  At Northeastern Chimney, we arrive on time every time, and we arrive in full uniform and in a truck that’s clearly marked, so you know who we are before we ever ring the doorbell.

The best chimney sweeps will be glad to provide references from satisfied customers.  They stay on top of industry innovations and advances in safety procedures.  The company you choose also should hold membership with the National Chimney Sweep Guild.

Simsbury CT chimney repairsChimney Repairs

A well-built chimney will give fine performance for decades.  But eventually the need for certain repairs will arise.  Northeastern Chimney performs a variety of repairs for our Simsbury customers.

Chimney Rebuilding

If a chimney has serious structural issues, rebuilding can restore it to a safe operational state.

Chimney Crowns

The cement crown at the top of a chimney may begin to crack, which will let in water that will freeze and cause serious damage.  We can seal or rebuild damaged crowns.

Chimney Caps

We install quality chimney caps to ensure that water and debris stay out of your chimney.  Damaged caps sometimes can be repaired.

Leaky Chimney

Chimneys with leaks need to be looked at and repaired quickly.  Water inside a chimney can lead to deterioration of building materials – including those of the home itself.  Damp chimneys give off an offending smell that nobody wants to live with.

We love serving our customers in Simsbury, CT.  The town is full of landmarks and attractions like the International Skating Center of Connecticut, Penwood State Park, Stratton Brook State Park, Talcott Mountain State Park and Simsbury Airport.  On the National Register of Historic Places you’ll find Drake Hill Road Bridge, East Weatogue Historic District, Heublein Tower and the John Humphrey House.

The best way to enjoy all that Simsbury, CT, has to offer is to live in a home that you know has a safe and efficient fireplace and chimney that’s been cleaned, inspected and repaired by the best in the business, Northeast Chimney of West Hartford, CT.

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