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Can You Install a Gas Fireplace Yourself?

In today’s economy, everyone is looking to save money where they can. In fact, do-it-yourself projects are extremely popular right now with no shortage of ideas on sites like Pinterest and HGTV. It’s important to remember, however, that just because you technically can do it yourself doesn’t always mean you should. Certain jobs should be left to professionals. What about fireplaces? Can you install a gas fireplace yourself?

Gas Fireplace Installation Granby, CTWe don’t recommend it for three primary reasons: legalities, safety, and time. For those three reasons, let’s dive deeper into why this is a job better left to a certified pro.

Legal concerns

Have you ever had plumbing issues, added on to your home, or even replaced your sidewalks? For each project and in most jurisdictions, you have to obtain the proper permit to do any kind of large-scale work like this. Likewise, when you install a gas fireplace yourself, you’ll need a permit. This is regardless of whether a gas line already exists.

Additionally, an inspector will need to sign off on the project after ensuring you installed everything properly. Each city, township, and county will have its own rules and regulations that need to be followed. This can be overwhelming to figure out. Utilizing a licensed installer, such as a Northeastern Chimney technician, is the easiest way to ensure you’re following all applicable laws.

Safety reasons

Beyond laws, there are safety concerns to keep in mind too. When converting a wood fireplace to gas, you’ll also need a proper chimney cleaning and inspection. This clears out any debris and creosote that could start a fire. It also alerts you to any internal damage that could lead to dangerous structural issues.

A professional will know how to properly install your gas line, making sure the pressure is set up accurately and your chimney is prepared. Failure to do so may, unfortunately, lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, a house fire, or even an explosion.


Circling back to those who embrace the DIY mindset, this is not your typical, easy to knock out in a weekend project. There are numerous steps and safety considerations involved to ensure that the job is done correctly. This will take time, and not something you want to rush through. Working with a professional is why letting the professionals handle it makes sense.

Gas Fireplace Inserts Windsor Locks, CTLet an expert install your gas fireplace

Installing a gas fireplace is more than just placing it where you want it, attaching the line, and turning it on. There are many more steps to this process including:

    • Obtaining the initial permit;
  •  Ensuring you’re in compliance with other laws and regulations;
  • Inspecting and cleaning your chimney;
  • Completing any repairs that need to take place;
  • Installing the gas line and fireplace, and;
  • Lastly, having an inspection done by a city inspector.

It’s a complex and drawn-out process that can  time. Rather than try to keep track of all these steps yourself, give the team at Northeastern Chimney, LLC a call at 860-233-5770 or contact us via our website to schedule your free consultation.

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