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Chimney Masonry Repair

Our certified and professional chimney technicians provide quality chimney masonry repairs, mortar repointing, and chimney rebuilding for residents in West Hartford, East Windsor, Farmington, Glastonbury, Wethersfield, Marlborough, Cromwell and the surrounding Central Connecticut area.

No customer wants to hear that they need extensive chimney or masonry repairs, but having a quality, reliable and honest contractor that you can trust does help with peace of mind. That is why tens of thousands of CT customers have trusted us to do the work the way it should be done at a fair price.

When the facing of chimney bricks begin to flake off or mortar starts to fall out structural problems can result. If the cause of the deterioration is remedied quickly many times a chimney's life can be extended. But there are times when a chimney is beyond repair and requires a complete knock-down and rebuild. The chimney is exposed to the elements year-round and subject to large temperature swings and weather conditions. The flue vents out extremely hot gases and smoke whenever in use and these extremes do take their toll over the years.

Solutions For Damaged Chimneys

Whether you need major or minor repairs, we will be happy to speak with you on the phone first and then schedule an inspection or estimate to fully examine the situation prior to providing our written estimate. Remember, all technicians that work on your chimney, stove or venting system are fully trained and Certified Chimney Sweeps. We are licensed and insured in the State of Connecticut to perform ALL fireplace and chimney repair services. We are well-versed in all types of potential problems and know the proper course of action to repair or prevent further damage.

Many times, chimney rebuilding doesn't involve brick at all. Chimney fires and wood rot can effect wood-framed or wood-sided chimney chase structures & chimney systems which will need to be restored and rebuilt. If you have had some serious issues with your chimney, whether it's a wood chimney chase structure or a full masonry structure, call our chimney experts today!

masonry chimney repair rebuilding brick chimney in newington ct

Preventing Water Damage

Many chimneys exhibit white staining on the outside surface. This is called efflorescence and is caused by water mixed with leaching salt that are flowing out from the inside of the chimney. The water-tight seal that needs to exist in the system has been compromised and the chimney is in danger of additional serious damage.

Chimney crowns are another area of concern when it comes to wear and tear. The crown needs to keep water out of the rest of the chimney structure, and once in begins to crack or fall apart it is no longer doing it's job. Although it is a major repair, crown rebuilding can save the entire chimney when it is done in time.

When mortar begins to crack and decay, repointing (scraping out the old mortar and refilling with a special new mortar material) or tuckpointing can bring the chimney back into working order without extensive masonry repairs. Once the brick or masonry itself begins to fail, more drastic measures are called for.

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Professional Masonry Repairs

Northeastern Chimney has been doing chimney repair and chimney restoration since 1984 in all of CT. We cover the entire state from border to border. From West Hartford, Farmington, Avon and Simsbury to Glastonbury, Tolland, South Windsor and Middletown and into all other counties, Northeastern is the name to trust.

Our professional crews will arrive in uniform at your home in fully marked trucks. We will do all repairs with as little interruption to your home and family as possible and complete the job as quickly as possible once we start. Expect top customer service and care when you call Northeastern Chimney.

Keep an eye on the bottom of your firebox enclosure, if you see pieces of tile or brick that have fallen from the inside of your chimney - get a full inspection as soon as possible. It is ALWAYS better to catch a problem at the early onset rather than when repairs will become much more expensive.

This chimney was leaning so badly, that the only course of action was to rebuild a completely new chimney. The new chimney matches all the other chimney's in this area of unique homes with distinctive architectural features.

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