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Chimney Video Inspections

Look for our brightly marked work vans & trucks as they travel to towns like West Hartford, Rocky Hill, Berlin, Kensington, Portland, Middletown, Meriden, and Middlefield, providing chimney video scans, chimney inspections, and chimney diagnoses for residents in Hartford County and the surrounding areas.

level 2 chimney camera inspection in farmington ctIf your chimney is afflicted with symptoms that cannot be identified with a visual inspection or full exterior surface examination, a video scan will be performed in order to take a closer look inside the smoke chamber and chimney lining to pinpoint exactly where the problem lies.

Chimney video scans fall under what is called a Level 2 Chimney Inspection and is only called for when normal visual inspection does not give enough information to diagnose the problem. Video Scan technology sends a camera, mounted on a swiveling wire rod, up the chimney.

The camera is attached to a self contained unit with a viewing screen or a laptop. As the Certified Chimney Sweep Technician operates the camera and guides it through the chimney, the video is recorded for additional review once the scan is complete.

When Is A Chimney Video Inspection Necessary?

In most cases, this type of in-depth look at the chimney will reveal the exact nature of the damage and allow us to provide a full & accurate estimate. Our digital video data will be provided for you via email if you would like to review the imagery for yourself. Masonry chimneys tend to have cracks and breaks along the walls of the liners and the only way to spot the exact location is to use this technology.

chimney inspection to fix a chimneyPre-fabricated chimneys can rust and may have defects in the assembly that cause problems that can only be spotted using the chimney video scan camera. Even in older metal chimney liners corrosion can cause pin-holes that can present risk to the integrity of the chimney system.

Usually, if substantial defects exist, a new liner may be required to fix the situation and allow continued safe operation of the fireplace of heating appliance. The surrounding area around the liner can then be filled a vermiculite coating which is poured down the chimney after installation, drying around the liner. The new liner can also be wrapped in a ceramic wool covering before it is installed in the chimney.

Call our certified chimney sweep professionals today if you need help diagnosing chimney issues that are not easily identified. Our venting system experts are here to help and will help ensure that your chimney system is performing properly & efficiently by the time we’re done.

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