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Furnace Flue Cleaning

We provide chimney sweep services like furnace flue cleaning, chimney inspections, & chimney repairs for residents in West Hartford, Bloomfield, Unionville, Weatogue, Suffield, Windsor, Granby, Collinsville, Hebron and the surround areas.

Furnace Flue Cleaning in Avon CTFurnace Flue Cleanings

The venting system of your furnace or heating system needs annual cleaning and maintenance, too. Although the particulate build-up is not as great as a fireplace or stove, the connections that vent your unit need to be removed and cleaned out. The process is very similar to chimney cleaning and it is just as important!

As a fully Certified Chimney Sweep, we clean all types of furnace and heating appliance venting systems, not just wood burning fireplace flues. Many people don’t realize that the same type of dangerous buildup & blockages can occur with furnace flues and gas appliances as well.

Every vented heating element in your home should be inspected and cleaned on a regular basis to ensure continued safe and efficient operation. Vented appliance can become blocked, posing a potential fire or carbon monoxide hazard which can spell danger for your home and your family. Not to mention, a clean venting system actually performs better and gets better heating efficiency when it is properly maintained.

When to Have Your Furnace Flue Inspected

One of the most important times to inspect and clean the furnace flues is when you move into a new home or install a new furnace in your existing home. Be aware that today’s high capacity energy efficient units call for different venting specifications than your old unit that you are replacing. This is an important consideration that you may be unaware of, so contact us if you are unsure if your current venting system will meet the requirements of your new appliance. We can advise you on the compatibility of your venting system with your new furnace or heating appliance.

furnace inspection of flue in CT

Hot water furnaces and forced hot air furnaces should also be inspected annually. Gas systems can get a build-up that is referred to as “scale” which forms when moisture and gas byproducts combine. Too much of this coating can result in poor performance and possible carbon monoxide backing up into the home. Many times, homeowners mistakenly assume that their heating contractor or oil provider will take care of cleaning the flues. This is not the case, and if left unattended, this system may become so clogged that homeowners begin to have problems with soot blowing through the house or sickness from CO2 poisoning.

Remember, if you see white residue on your masonry, this is a tell-tale sign that your chimney system needs to be looked at. The white residue, known as efflorescence, indicates that mineral salts are coming through the brick due to too moisture inside the chimney. This moisture can also ruin walls and ceilings that are adjacent to the chimney as it passes through the house. With regular maintenance, most major problems associated with chimneys and furnace venting systems can be avoided completely.

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