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Firebox Rebuilding

Our certified and professional chimney technicians provide quality firebox repair & firebox rebuilding for residents in West Hartford, East Windsor, Farmington, Avon, Simsbury, West Simsbury, Canton, Burlington, Bloomfield, Weatogue, and the surrounding areas.

repair fireplace and fireboxWhat is a Firebox?

The space where you burn wood in your fireplace is called the firebox. It is constructed with refractory mortar and firebricks that are able to withstand the extreme temperatures faced on a regular basis. As with the other components in your chimney & fireplace system, the firebox is subject to deterioration over time. During your annual inspection, our chimney sweep techs will inspect the firebox along with the rest of the chimney. They are on the look-out for cracks, degradation, crumbling mortar, or split bricks. If any vulnerabilities are spotted, our crew will make the recommendations for necessary repair or rebuilding, or we may even suggest the installation of a fireplace insert.

Common Firebox Damages & What You Can Do

You may notice that the interior of your firebox looks worn, rough, or cracked. Regular usage will begin to wear on your firebox and the repeated cycles of heating and cooling will eventually cause the refractory mortar to crack or fall out. This will create gaps or holes in the firebox that will allow dangerous gases and even hot embers to escape out of the firebox, potentially causing a fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.

If spotted early enough, mortar can be reapplied to seal any cracks that have developed. On the other hand, if the bricks have begun to crumble, and entire firebox rebuild with new bricks & mortar may be necessary. Either way, a rebuilt or repaired firebox will work and look just like new, so the homeowner can feel that they can safely burn fires without jeopardizing the safety of the home and family.

expert firebox repair in Windsor CTWater and moisture are another major enemy of your chimney and fireplace. If water has seeped into your firebox due to a faulty chimney cap or broken chimney crown, your firebox may be rusty or even show signs of erosion. It can also seep into the firebrick and refractory mortar causing extensive damage. The best way to gauge the condition of your firebox is to take a pointed tool like a screwdriver and scrape the mortar joints inside of the fireplace. If the mortar easily crumbles away, it’s time to call in a professional chimney sweep. A simple tuckpointing job is a great way to extend the life of your current firebox and is a much more affordable option than rebuilding your entire box.

If your firebox has a pre-fabricated metal fireplace insert installed, the panels of the firebox may need to be replaced after many years of usage. You may even decide that your out-of-date insert needs to be replaced, so we may suggest new insert options. Modern fireplace inserts are extremely efficient, come in gas, wood-burning, electric, and pellet, and offer a fresh new look to your old, worn-down hearth area. Let us know if you have interest in installing or replacing a fireplace insert, as our experts can suggest the right size, style, and fuel necessary to meet your needs and usage.

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