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Chimney Sweep Wisdom

Our hope is to provide you with interesting, valuable content mixed in with some more light-hearted humorous items about our profession and even some local flavored items about things that may interest those of you living in Central Connecticut. Please feel free to comment on our posts or ask questions of our Chimney Sweeps

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Winter Chimney Risks

For many of us, having a fireplace is part of owning a home.  Some look forward to winter to use it regularly.  Chimneys give us a welcoming environment even though wind and snow are blowing outside. Chimneys need maintenance, like many parts of a home; this is especially true in winter.  If a homeowner hasn’t […]

How to Safely Operate a Gas Fireplace

Once the decision is made to install a gas fireplace into a home, the man of the house breathes a sigh of relief. He is no longer lugging in wood, no more splinters, ashes, cleanup, or all the other menacing chores that accompany a wood-burning fireplace. However, some precautions still need addressing before a gas […]

Can I Prevent Chimney Creosote Build Up?

There isn’t any way to prevent creosote build up on the inside of your chimney.  Several feeble attempts were made to discover a process to inhibit build-up; sadly, none were successful.  We have found cleaning and inspection were the only way to make a chimney clean and safe. DIY “Remedies” Homeowners Have Tried To prevent […]

Do you have any of these 7 Common Chimney Problems

Anyone trying to buy a home is looking for as much bang for their buck as possible.  Their checklist has more than a few items to look for.   There are good neighborhoods, good schools, a great floor plan, and sometimes how much storage space the house has.  However, with all the amenities, buyers often overlook […]

Gas Fireplace Troubleshooting

Most modern appliances come with an owner’s manual.  In that manual, there will be a ‘Troubleshooting’ section to allow the owner to attempt to repair or at least recognize the problem. If you have purchased a home with a gas fireplace and the owner failed to leave the owner’s manual.  This blog will give you […]

The Critical Jobs of a Chimney Damper

Summer is coming to a close.  When the leaves start to change, Old Man Winter isn’t far behind.  It is in these colder months when fireplaces and chimneys are used the most. Before building a fire in your fireplace, one fixture of your chimney stands out from all the others.  That fixture is the chimney […]

Important Chimney and Fireplace Terminology

Making yourself aware of chimney and fireplace parts is the first step to understanding just how a chimney system works. Some are thinking, ‘What do I need to know about fireplace jargon?  Pile up kindling and logs and toss in a match and enjoy the fire. Right?’ If someone knew nothing about a car, asking […]

Don’t Ignore These Common Signs of Chimney Damage!

It is a widely accepted fact, even the best-maintained homes will have problems.  It matters not, new or old, ranch or colonial homes will give owners trouble.  Unfortunately, one part of the home that is continually overlooked is the importance of having your chimney serviced. A few signs inside the home to look for If […]

How to Baby Proof a Fireplace

When a new baby arrives, things start to change.  New parents begin to experience no sleep, poopy diapers, bottles, formula, along with a new sense of safety concerns. Safety issues come from every corner of the house.  Electrical outlets need to be covered, cabinets safety proofed, and sharp objects need to be out of reach. […]

How to Keep Animals Out of Your Chimney this Summer

The arrival of spring brings a renewal of nature.  Flowers bloom, days start to get warmer, and best of all, babies of every species are born.  These babies are adorable and endearing, that is until you find a nest of them in your chimney.  That’s when, without a chimney inspection and cleaning, the trouble starts. […]

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