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The Best Time to Get Your Chimney Swept

We have just come out of a cold, long winter. The days are getting warmer. The nights are getting shorter. We see flowers and trees budding all around us. The fireplace is becoming a thing... Read more

Why Are Chimneys So Important?

Chimneys are integral to homes with wood-burning heating systems like stoves and fireplaces. However, most people take their chimneys for granted, leading to structural damage and poor performance. Let’s look at why chimneys are important... Read more

Why Would My Chimney Be Leaking?

You notice water and moisture coming from your chimney. This is a concern that you will want to get looked at before you have serious damage. A leak in the chimney can occur in several... Read more

Reasons Why Your Gas Fireplace Keeps Shutting Off

Gas fireplaces are growing in popularity because they’re more energy-efficient, easier to maintain, and safer than traditional wood-burning fireplaces. However, gas systems aren’t without issues; one is suddenly shutting off. Let’s look at why this... Read more

Can My Chimney Be Cleaned If It Has A Bend?

The chimney is an important part of your fireplace. With each fire, creosote, soot, and debris become lodged or build up in the chimney’s lining. If not cleaned out over time this can cause a... Read more

Add Chimney Sweeping to Your Spring-Cleaning List  

As the weather starts to turn warmer, we find ourselves outside more. The leaves from the winter need to be raked up. Pruning needs to be done. There are many tasks that await as we... Read more

How to Identify and Avoid Fraudulent Chimney Companies

If you own a wood-burning fireplace or stove, you know how important keeping your chimney clean and maintained is. A well-kept chimney makes your fire more efficient and reduces the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning... Read more

How Does A Pellet Stove Work?  

A great option as a primary source of heat as well as an alternate form of heat is a pellet stove. A pellet stove burns compressed waste wood in the shape of a pellet. Many... Read more

Fueling Your Ambiance: Gas or Wood Fireplaces – Which Ignites Your Style?

The heart of a New England home often centers around a crackling fire, its warmth chasing away the winter chill with a comforting glow. But if your traditional gas or wood fireplace sends more heat... Read more

Fireplace Upgrade Vs Replacement

Despite their shortcomings, many homeowners are committed to using their fireplaces. Whether it’s their primary heating source or a supplement to their furnace, fireplaces are a must-have for many people. However, like anything else, fireplaces... Read more

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