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Chimney Sweep Wisdom

Our hope is to provide you with interesting, valuable content mixed in with some more light-hearted humorous items about our profession and even some local flavored items about things that may interest those of you living in Central Connecticut. Please feel free to comment on our posts or ask questions of our Chimney Sweeps

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Protecting Your Fireplace from Rodents

The last thing anyone wants to see scurry across their floor is a wild mouse or rat. Other rodents like squirrels and chipmunks can be just as unpleasant and destructive if they get inside your home. Along with chewing up furniture and walls, rodents can bring other pests with them like lice and diseases. One […]

How to Control a Fireplace Damper

When the weather turns cold, pillows of smoke billowing from the chimney tops can be seen as homeowners enjoy the warmth of a crackling fire. And while many homeowners know to open the damper when they start the fire. Many don’t know how to use the fireplace damper to control the fire. Fireplace damper position […]

Creosote and the Damage it Can Do to Your Chimney

If you have a wood-burning fireplace, there are three things you need to know about creosote: what it is, how it can damage your chimney and how to remove it. What is creosote? Creosote is a substance that gets on the inner walls of your chimney during a fire. Cooling smoke within the chimney causes […]

Prepare for Fall & Fireplace Safety with Chimney Maintenance

Cozy fires are enjoyed in Connecticut as early as October every year, and it’s important to schedule chimney maintenance so that your fireplace is ready for that first cold snap. Trusted chimney sweep companies are busiest when wintry weather has already arrived. You will be much more likely to schedule a time for chimney maintenance that is convenient to you, if you get a jump on the […]

Do Home Inspections Include Chimney Inspections?

The answer to that question is yes and no.  A professional home inspector, like those called in prior to the sale of a home, will look at the fireplace and chimney, checking for obvious signs of problems such as the chimney falling apart, holes in the side of the firebox, and gas leaks in a gas fueled fireplace.  These are all good things to […]

Here’s Why August is Prime Chimney Sweep Time!

According to virtually every fire-safety agency in the United States, chimneys connected to wood-burning fireplaces need to be professionally cleaned on an annual basis.  This work is necessary to keep the system safe as well as to ensure efficient operation.  But you probably already know all that.  What you may not know is that August is the ideal month to have your chimney cleaned and inspected. By having […]

How to Fix an Unsightly Chimney

An unsightly chimney isn’t just bad for your home’s curb appeal. It could be a sign of a serious problem. Stains on your chimney or deteriorating masonry usually indicate that there is an underlying problem that needs to be fixed. Leaving the problem unresolved can lead to more expensive problems in the future or put your home at risk of a […]

4 Reasons for a Chimney Cap Even if You Don’t Use Your Fireplace

Even if you only use your fireplace as part of your decor, the chimney still needs a cap. Many homeowners assume that they don’t need to worry about their chimney if they never light up a fire in their hearth. This isn’t true. Leaving your chimney without a cap puts your home at risk of unpleasant pests, expensive damage and toxic mold. There […]

Protecting Your Chimney From Brick Erosion

A well-built chimney is strong and solid, and more than capable of handling extreme temperatures & keeping water out.  But even the best chimneys are prone to deterioration over time.  Once chimney damage is present, it will continue to worsen until you and your family are at risk for a serious safety hazard. Cracked masonry materials and areas where bricks are missing or crumbling all […]

4 Safety Items Technicians Look for In A Chimney Inspection

Your chimney has served you so well for decades that it seems rather indestructible.  It has withstood the constant bombardment of wind, heat, rain and snow without as much as a whimper. But looks can be deceiving. And upon a closer inspection, you begin to see the signs of old age. There may be cracks along the surface, weakened joints and some of its parts may be a […]

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