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Tips to Prepare Your Fireplace For Summer

Now that we’re well into May, most homeowners across our region have stopped using their fireplaces. The next step on their to-do list is to get it ready for summer. This usually involves a handful of repair and maintenance tasks. If you’re not sure where to begin, here are our favorite tips to prepare your... Read more

Why Now is the Best Time for Masonry Repairs

When is the last time you used your fireplace? For most homeowners in the Connecticut area, that season ended a while ago. With warmer weather on the horizon, now is the best time for masonry repairs. After all, your chimney takes a beating during the winter months. Let’s start by looking at a few warning... Read more

Difference Between a Chimney and a Vent

Have you ever looked at the homes throughout your neighborhood while out on an evening walk? If so, you probably noticed that some homes have chimneys and vents. Others only have vents. Do they serve the same purpose and the only difference is aesthetics? Let’s look at the difference between a chimney and a vent.... Read more

How To Fix A Gas Fireplace That Keeps Shutting Off

Aside from clean burning fuel and adjustable heat, one of the main reasons for the popularity of gas fireplaces and inserts is the convenience of starting a fire with the push of a button. Using a button loses some appeal when you must keep pushing that button to re-light the fireplace. Not to worry, it... Read more

The Dangers Of Chimney Leaks

No matter the size or location, there are several dangers of chimney leaks. After all, water can be hard to track down and is often a major headache by the time you notice a problem. For example, a small leak in your attic can go unnoticed until it starts affecting the ceilings in your bedrooms.... Read more

Chimney Sweeping History: How It All Began

When Dave and Sharon Lamb founded Northeastern Chimney in 1984, it was following a centuries-old tradition of exceptional fireplace care. In years gone by, those in the fireplace industry were known collectively as “chimney sweeps.” Today, chimney sweeping history is an industry that can trace its roots back to the 16th century. 13th or 16th... Read more

Why Is My Chimney Pulling Away From My House?

You look up at the chimney and notice something that seems out of the ordinary. It appears that it is leaning or pulling away from the house. Well, if you have your own leaning tower on top of your Connecticut house, it’s a severe problem that needs immediate attention but is fixable. Even if you... Read more

The Benefits of a Video Scan Chimney Inspection

There are two things that go hand-in-hand: owning an active fireplace and the need for an annual inspection. Most homeowners schedule these between the conclusion of the colder months and the end of summer. However, there’s an extra step that might make a big difference in the longevity of your chimney, a video scan. Here... Read more

What Is A Chimney Cricket And Why Are They Important?

While your chimney may appear to be a solid, seamless structure, it is actually comprised of several vital components. These components are designed to safely evacuate smoke and pollutants from your home so that you can enjoy your wood or gas-burning fireplace, stove, or other attached heating appliance safely. One of those essential components is... Read more

All About Rebuilding A Chimney

Sometimes, chimney repair goes beyond tuckpointing or repointing damaged mortar. If your chimney is old or damaged beyond these minor repairs, it may be time to look into a total teardown and rebuild of your chimney structure. Spring is the ideal time for a chimney rebuild. By that time, you’re most likely done using your... Read more

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