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Chimney Sweep Wisdom

Our hope is to provide you with interesting, valuable content mixed in with some more light-hearted humorous items about our profession and even some local flavored items about things that may interest those of you living in Central Connecticut. Please feel free to comment on our posts or ask questions of our Chimney Sweeps

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Lower Your Home Heating Costs with a Fireplace Blower

From bitterly cold temperatures to winter storms, Connecticut has been hit hard this season. Lounging next to a warm hearth on frosty evenings makes the time indoors more enjoyable. Unfortunately, many fireplaces don’t produce enough heat to warm up a room when the temperature falls down to the teens or lower. Installing a fireplace blower can help your fireplace beat the cold and reduce your […]

Chimney Damage: To Repair or Rebuild?

Rebuilding a chimney is a big expense. If you’ve been told that your chimney needs to be rebuilt, it is smart to get a second or third opinion from a CSIA-certified chimney professional. The best way to figure out whether or not to repair or rebuild your damaged chimney is to consider the safety risks and long-term costs. After inspecting and appraising your chimney, a CSIA-certified […]

Do I Need Fireplace Doors?

If you pay attention to fireplaces, you may have noticed that most new fireplaces have doors on them. Fireplace doors have become a standard fireplace feature for good reason. There are many benefits of adding glass doors to a fireplace. Whether you use your fireplace frequently or rarely light up the hearth, installing doors on a fireplace is a smart investment. These are the top […]

Repair Your Chimney for Winter Warmth and Safety

With new chances of snow and temperatures dropping here in Connecticut, it’s the perfect time to make use of your fireplace and keep warm beside a crackling fire. Do you know if your fireplace and chimney are winter ready? Every year in the U.S., around 25,000 house fires are caused by fireplaces or chimneys according to statistics from the Chimney Safety Institute of America. The […]

Cleaning a Fireplace is Best Left to the Professionals

Cleaning out the chimney of your home is one task you shouldn’t DIY. Chimney systems are more fragile than they seem. Small amounts of creosote or thin cracks in the crown could lead to serious problems. That is why professional chimney sweeps always inspect your chimney during a cleaning to make sure there are no safety risks or warning signs. Without a trained eye, you […]

The Ultimate Guide to Maintain Your Wood-Burning Fireplace

It’s that time of year when we look forward to sitting next to a roaring fire watching Christmas films or catching up on the latest binge-worthy TV shows. Your warm memories could go up in flames if you aren’t cautious. A wood-burning fireplace can quickly become a safety risk if it isn’t regularly maintained. Wood-burning fireplaces need to be taken care […]

Everything You Need to Know About Chimney Inspections & Why to Have One

A chimney does more than vent smoke outside. It also protects your home from the harsh chemicals, toxic gases and high temperatures produced by the fireplace. Damage to your chimney can put your home at grave risk. Even though chimneys are made of fire resistance materials, they are still affected by wear-and-tear. Metal flue liners and dampers can become warped or corrode. Tile […]

Why Having a Strong Chimney Cap Is Important

You wouldn’t leave your home with your front door wide open. Do you realize that leaving your chimney without a cap on it is just as risky? A chimney cap is like a metal hat, with a solid top and mesh around the sides, that is installed over the mouth of the chimney. Much like a front door, […]

A Chimney Sweep’s Top Tips for Ecofriendly (and Cheap!) Fires

Heating your home in the winter can feel like a devil’s bargain if you’re concerned about the environment. Relying on a central heating system fueled by natural gas or a coal-run power grid increases your carbon footprint and supports unsustainable mining practices. But using firewood instead can contribute to air pollution and deforestation. Fortunately, if you follow a few simple tips, you can use […]

6 Reasons to Get a Chimney Cleaning & Inspection Before Winter

Warming up and unwinding next to a roaring fire at the end of the day can help you get through the dark days of winter. Your relaxing ritual could turn into a serious health or safety risk if you haven’t had your fireplace or stove’s chimney cleaned and inspected before lighting a fire in the hearth. Fireplaces and stoves are two of […]

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