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The Benefits of Using a Fireplace Insert

Fireplace inserts have become quite popular over the years. Homeowners are becoming more interested as their homes are aging. They are realizing that repairs will be needed on their masonry fireplace. Homeowners are finding that reconstruction repairs can be costly. A fireplace insert may be a solution.

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You still want to use your fireplace. You love the ambiance that it sends off. The warmth and glow are something that you and your family enjoy. You are concerned that heat is escaping. Masonry is starting to flake, and fuel costs are considerably higher than it was. So, what are your options?  A fireplace insert may be the answer you are looking for.

What Is a Fireplace Insert?

A fireplace insert is designed to increase the efficiency of the fireplace. With that said, they are very beneficial and sought after. A fireplace insert is a firebox surrounded by cast iron or steel. In the front is tempered and insulated glass. The glass doors are meant to be a closed combustion system. A fireplace insert can last for at least 20 to 30 years. 

Benefits Of a Fireplace Insert

Environmental Impact

Fireplace inserts that are EPA-certified can reduce wood burning emissions to almost zero. This makes your wood-burning much cleaner and safer.

Increased Efficiency

A fireplace insert is much more efficient than your older version of fireplaces. Open hearth fireplaces are known for escaping heat. You are losing heat as it goes from your fireplace up the chimney. The sealed, air-tight door keeps the fire burning slower so that the heat isn’t wasted. Experts state that the efficiency of a fireplace insert can be as much as 80%. 

Financial satisfaction

You may save on your heating bill by inserting a much more efficient fireplace insert. You will burn less gas, oil, and/or electricity. When the fire is out, the doors are closed, and the cold air and drafts stay out of the house. Also, heated air stays in the home. 

Avoid costly repairs

As your chimney and fireplace age, you will start to notice that it needs repairs. Homeowners are choosing to go for a more affordable route. Installing a fireplace insert instead of reconstructing the entire fireplace and chimney.

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