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Fireplaces & Stoves

Our certified chimney sweep crew install wood stoves, pellet stoves, and wood or gas fireplace inserts in towns like West Hartford, Marlborough, Manchester, Bolton, Colchester, Tolland, East Hampton, Chesire, Southington and all of Central Connecticut.

Efficient Home Heating

Homeowners searching for an efficient way to heat their home need to look no further than a free-standing stove or fireplace insert. Modern stoves and fireplace inserts have come a long way from the old-fashioned models our grandparents had. With sleek styling, efficient heating capabilities, and a number of convenient features, these heating appliances are a great choice for homes of all sizes & designs.

Fireplace inserts & stoves that are currently available from hearth stores feature modern capabilities, beautiful design and wonderful efficiencies. Homeowners can even choose the type of fuel they prefer to use; whether that’s wood, gas, or pellet.

Speak with our hearth experts to find out more about our fireplace inserts, wood stoves, or pellet stove selection. Whether your decor echoes modern & chic or traditional & rustic, we have the perfect appliance for your taste.

fireplace insert installation in Canton CT

Fireplace Inserts

Looking to upgrade your old, inefficient open burning fireplace? Fireplace inserts are a great option since they are easy to install, produce excellent heat output and efficiencies, and are more affordable than a complete fireplace rebuild. Fireplace inserts also act as a solution for a number of common fireplace problems like chimney drafting. We only offer the best rated fireplace inserts from the finest manufacturers. A new fireplace insert can change the feel of the whole room, and the stylish exterior design of a modern fireplace insert will make a huge difference from your old, traditional fireplace. From Majestic, Osburn, Vermont Castings, Napoleon and Pacific Energy, homeowners can choose the best fireplace insert for their needs & tastes.

Farmington CT Wood Stove - Glastonbury CT

Wood Stoves

Homeowners who enjoy the look & feel of a real wood burning fire without the legwork of an open fireplace have found wood stoves to be an excellent alternative. Wood stoves allow you to get real heating value during those cold winter months thanks to 50% higher energy efficiency. Wood burning stoves use one third less wood to produce the same amount of heat as an open burning wood fireplace making them a valuable asset for homeowners who want to cut their heating bills. Not to mention, EPA certified wood stoves are clean burning, produce very little pollution, and help cut creosote buildup in chimneys.

Pellet Stoves - Newington - Inserts - Avon CT

Pellet Stoves

If you consider yourself an eco-conscious individual, a pellet stove is an environmentally friendly heating option. Pellet burning stoves use a renewable fuel source that is created with wood scraps, saw dust, and wood byproducts, all compressed into tiny pellets. These heating units have some of the best heating efficiencies available on the market and are extremely clean burning to help reduce your carbon footprint. Whether you want to heat your favorite room or warm your entire house, a pellet stove is a great choice. Get all the beauty and warmth of a real flame without the hassle of splitting and chopping or storing firewood.

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