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Chimney Repairs In Avon CT

Watch for our vibrantly marked company vehicles traveling in and around Avon CT as our certified chimney sweeps provide chimney repairs on chimney liners, flashing, full width chimney caps, flue top covers, leaky chimneys, chimney rebuilding, and more.

chimney flashing repair in Avon CT

Chimney Flashing Repair in Avon CT

The purpose of chimney flashing is to create a watertight connection between the roof and chimney, but flashing is leak-prone. Leaks caused by failed flashing are the most common that we encounter. Chimney repairs are needed because the flashing metal rusts or becomes torn, cracked, or loose. Flashing leaks cause such problems as mold, wood rot, drywall damage, and moisture in the masonry system. At Northeastern Chimney, we provide reliable chimney flashing repair services.

chimney liner replacement in Avon CT

Avon CT Chimney Liners

Chimney repairs involving chimney liners are always a priority because of dangers associated with a damaged flue. It is not usually obvious, however, when a chimney liner needs repair or replacement, though a weak chimney draft may provide a clue. It is often during chimney inspections and chimney sweeping services in Avon CT that deterioration in chimney liners is detected. When there is a breach in the liner, the home and family are exposed to possible chimney fires, house fires, and exposure to toxic gases.

flue top cover in Avon CT

Flue Top Covers in Avon CT

A flue top cover is a minimal chimney cap. The cover helps to keep rain and snow from going into Avon CT chimneys and causing moisture damage. The cover also prevents debris from getting in the flue and creating an obstruction. When a flue top cover has mesh, additional benefits include keeping animals out and keeping hot embers in that might otherwise escape the chimney and possibly ignite nearby combustible materials. We offer flue top cover repair and replacement services. A flue top cover in good condition is a cost-cutting asset.

Avon CT Full Width Chimney Cap

Many homeowners in Avon CT have a full width chimney cap, which is an accessory that provides numerous benefits. What sets a full width chimney cap apart from flue top covers is that the entire top of the chimney has additional protection against exposure to harsh elements and damage caused by moisture. Since moisture is a chimney’s number one enemy, the added preventative measure of installing a full width chimney cap can help cut chimney repair costs.

we replace chimney chase covers in Avon CT

Chase Top Replacement

Chimney chase tops are metal coverings used for wood-framed chimney chases, and they are common in Avon CT homes. When chase top replacement is needed, homeowners in the area call on us at Northeastern Chimney. Extensive water damage can occur when a chimney chase top becomes damaged or begins deteriorating. Annual chimney inspections can help avoid major damage caused by a failing chimney chase top. It is cost-effective when a professional chimney sweep identifies signs of damage early and a chase top replacement is scheduled before major problems occur.

Leaky Chimney in Avon CT

At Northeastern Chimney, we fix leaky chimneys for Avon CT homeowners. Signs of a leaky chimney include water in the firebox of your fireplace, discoloration or staining on the exterior bricks of the chimney, a rusted fireplace damper, and foul odors emanating from the fireplace. Water wreaks havoc in chimneys and in other parts of a home interior unless chimney repairs are made in a timely manner. We have provided chimney repairs for more than 30 years, and our chimney sweeps are highly trained, certified, and capable of determining the cause of chimney leaks and fixing leaky chimneys right the first time.

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