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Chimney Rebuilding In Avon CT – Chimney Masonry Repairs & Brick Repair

Our chimney sweeps at Northeastern Chimney are often seen traveling in and around Avon CT to provide chimney rebuilding services. Trained, certified chimney sweep technicians provide high-quality brick repair, chimney masonry repair, chimney rebuilds, cement chimney crown repair, chimney cracks, tuckpointing, and leaky chimney services.

chimney masonry rebuild in Avon CTComplete Chimney Rebuild

The most drastic type of chimney masonry work that a homeowner in Avon CT might need is complete chimney rebuilding. When repairs are insufficient to restore a chimney, a total knockdown and chimney rebuild is necessary. The primary reasons complete chimney rebuilding is needed are (one) moisture intrusion throughout the masonry and (two) not scheduling chimney inspections that would have identified the costly damage being done.

At Northeastern Chimney, we suggest that you schedule a chimney inspection. From there, we will provide a written estimate. You can have confidence in our certified chimney sweeps because each is fully trained, licensed, insured, and dedicated to providing Avon CT chimney rebuilding services of the highest quality.

Brick Repair

Some homeowners in Avon CT need to schedule brick repair. We offer various brick repair techniques, such as restoration, tuckpointing, and chimney rebuilding. The structural integrity of chimneys is negatively affected by moisture within the masonry. If the moisture intrusion problem is caught early enough, brick repair to a portion of the chimney is all that is needed.

chimney masonry repair in Avon CT

Chimney Masonry Repair

Chimney masonry repair for your home in Avon CT may involve a partial chimney rebuild, tuckpointing, or complete chimney rebuilding.

Bricks that are loose and deteriorating are removed and replaced with new bricks and mortar. You may be able to identify the need for chimney masonry repair because there is staining on your chimney. White staining is called efflorescence and it is evidence of water inside your chimney masonry. Moisture inside masonry causes a destructive process of masonry deterioration that occurs with each freezing and thawing cycle in winter.

Chimney Crown Repair in Avon CT

Cement Chimney Crown in Avon CT

Cement chimney crowns are prone to crack due to wear and tear. The job of the chimney crown is to keep moisture from entering the chimney structure. Once a cement chimney crown deteriorates and cracks, the chimney system is vulnerable to moisture damage. If a crack is left unresolved, no matter how small, it will lead to more severe damage as water makes its way into the rest of your chimney.

Avon CT homeowners rely on our certified chimney sweeps at Northeastern Chimney for reliable cement chimney crown repairs. For more information or to set up your appointment give us a call today.

chimney tuckpointing in Avon CT


Tuckpointing is a type of chimney masonry repair needed when mortar begins cracking and decaying. If you catch the mortar damage early, you can schedule tuckpointing rather than a partial or complete chimney rebuild. No masonry is removed during the process. Tuckpointing involves removing old mortar and replacing it with fresh mortar.

The cost-cutting procedure restores a chimney’s structural integrity for a fraction of the time and cost of rebuilding. Our chimney professionals can inspect your chimney and determine if tuckpointing is an option for you based on the level of damage your mortar has suffered.

cracked chimney in avon CT

Chimney Cracks

If there are chimney cracks in your Avon CT chimney, partial or complete chimney rebuilding is likely necessary. Chimney cracks can occur due to shifting of the foundation, seismic activity, a lightning strike, and the number one cause of chimney damage—moisture. If more moisture makes its way into cracks in your chimney the damage will spread creating a much bigger issue. It's best to repair cracks early on, no matter how small they may seem, in order to keep our chimney in proper condition for fireplace use.

For chimney repairs from a team of experienced professionals, give us a call today and schedule your partial or complete chimney rebuild.

Avon CT Leaky Chimney

Many homeowners discover that they need chimney masonry repair only after realizing they have a leaky chimney. Unfortunately, even among Avon CT homeowners, chimney maintenance is often neglected. As a result, moisture intrusion in the masonry is not addressed quickly enough to prevent extensive damage from occurring. By the time a leaky chimney causes water stains on ceilings and other types of water damage, masonry has often begun deteriorating to the point that partial or complete chimney rebuilding is required.

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