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How Does A Pellet Stove Work?  

A great option as a primary source of heat as well as an alternate form of heat is a pellet stove. A pellet stove burns compressed waste wood in the shape of a pellet. Many pellet stoves have an automatic ignition and thermostat. This will help keep your home regulated to an acceptable temperature.   

pellet stove in Rocky Hill CTParts of a Pellet Stove


The hopper stores the pellets. The pellets are distributed from the hopper as the stove requires them.


The auger looks like a long screw. It is motorized and helps to deliver the pellets when needed into the burning pot. It is an important part of the pellet stove as it also regulates the temperature. The auger rotates bringing pellets into the combustion chamber. The auger rotates faster as the temperature decreases. This allows more pellets into the chamber.

Combustion Chamber

This is similar to the firebox in a fireplace. Also known as the burning pot.  


A pellet stove that is EPA-certified offers a higher heating value (HHV) efficiency. About 70% to 83%. According to the Department of Energy. With these ratings it makes a pellet stove more efficient than a wood-burning stove. 

It is important to purchase the right size pellet stove for the square footage of your home. Going with a too-small unit will not heat the space as you would like. Purchasing a too large pellet stove will overheat the home unless you adjust to a very low setting. This actually uses more fuel and creates more pollutants.  


Most pellet stoves need electricity to power the auto-ignite. This can be a deterrent when it is cold and there is a power outage. It is recommended to have a second source of electricity on hand such as a generator. 

Let’s Talk About the Pros and Cons of Pellet Stoves


  • Wood storage is not an issue. Bags of pellets can be stored in a small area.
  • Less expensive to install.
  • Pellet stoves have a thermostat. Easier to control the temperature.
  • Less pollution is produced than any other solid-fuel heater.
  • Easy to operate. Cleaning and maintaining is less expensive.


  • You won’t get the beauty of a fireplace. Lack of ambiance.
  • No electric source on some models. Backup electrical sources such as a battery or a generator are needed. 
  • Noisier than a wood-burning stove. 

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