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Add Chimney Sweeping to Your Spring-Cleaning List  

As the weather starts to turn warmer, we find ourselves outside more. The leaves from the winter need to be raked up. Pruning needs to be done. There are many tasks that await as we launch into spring. The list is endless. But now is not the time to forget about your fireplace and chimney. The spring is a great time to have your chimney inspected and to make an appointment for a chimney sweep. You will be able to get an appointment without much trouble. Holding off will only get you on a waitlist or not the most desirable time and date. Call Northeast Chimney today to arrange for your spring cleaning and inspection. You will be ready when the fall rolls around next October. 

chimney cleaning in Avon CTWhat Can You Do to Make Your Chimney Sweep Experience Great?

Getting your house ready for the visit by the chimney sweep will help ease the visit. Here is what you can do.

  • Clear the area from the door to the fireplace. Allowing a clear path will help our technician get to the fireplace without any trouble. They will have to bring in equipment.
  • Allow space in your driveway so that the technician can park close to the house. 
  • Move furniture away from the surrounding fireplace. Our technicians will cover anything in the surrounding area. 
  • Take down decorations and store them in a safe place.
  • Put pets in a locked room. We love our pets, but they can get afraid when someone new is in the house. It is best for all involved to have your pets in a safe spot. 

What To Expect During the Inspection?

We will be prepared with all the equipment needed for your inspection. Our technicians come with a wealth of knowledge. We can spot an issue well before it becomes a large expense. This is also a reason why an annual chimney inspection is suggested by the experts. Being ahead of the curve will save you in the future.

Here is what we will inspect.

  • Interior Masonry.
  • Exterior Masonry.
  • Chimney Liner.
  • Chimney Cap.
  • Chimney Crown. 
  • Chimney Flashing.

Chimney Inspections in Canton CT

It’s spring, we have waited all year for this. The hope of new beginnings or rebirth. Buds are popping through the earth. The birds are chirping once again. Take this time to work with your Chimney sweep to come up with a plan for your chimney and fireplace. Taking care of this now will allow you more time in the fall preparing for winter. 

Schedule your inspection or cleaning soon by calling Northeast Chimney at 860-233-5770. We can clean your chimney no matter what bend or curve you have. We come with all the equipment needed for all sorts of chimneys.

We service all Hartford, Tolland, and Litchfield Counties. All our Chimney Technicians are CSIA certified. We are active in the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG) and the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)

Also, Northeastern Chimney, Inc. maintains a rigorous training schedule and a strict code of performance and ethics.

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