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How To Tell If Your Chimney Crown is Cracked or Damaged

Just like a golden crown adorns the head of a royal, a chimney crown adorns the top of your chimney. However, unlike those worn by kings and queens, chimney crowns serve a vital purpose in the makeup and proper function of your chimney. If they are damaged in any way, this can lead to other issues that you want to get taken care of right away. So, is your chimney crown cracked or damaged? Let’s discuss the reasons why and how to repair any problems.

Damaged Chimney Crown, South Windsor CT

First, what is a crown?

As we previously stated, the crown is at the top of the chimney. Usually, it’s a concrete or metal piece that sits at the opening of your chimney to keep water from seeping into your masonry. It also has a slight overhang to direct water away from the structure instead of running straight down the brick, speeding up deterioration.

How to tell if there is damage

Most often, damage to your chimney crown will not be visible from the ground. An inspection from a licensed technician is necessary to diagnose the problem and repair any issues. However, there are a few things you could experience that could indicate potential damage to your crown.

The appearance of rust

If you notice rust anywhere on the inside or outside of the chimney and fireplace structure, this is evidence of a leak somewhere in your chimney system. Rust on your firebox or damper means that moisture is getting through cracks somewhere in your chimney.

Visually apparent cracks

As weather and debris wear down the outside of your crown, cracks can form. Bricks and masonry can begin to crack and crumble. This action is known as spalling. This will require tuckpointing, the process of removing damaged mortar and replacing it with new, color-matched materials. While this can be done on your own, it can be tricky to get everything matched correctly, and is a job better left to the professionals.

Chimney Crown Repair, Simsbury CTWater damage

Water damage is a thought that puts fear in the minds of every homeowner. If undetected for a long time, the costs and labor involved in remediation of the damage can be big. This is one reason why a yearly chimney inspection is so important. Your Northeastern Chimney technician will diagnose any issues they see and work to get them fixed before damage sets in or gets worse.

“What if my crown is missing?”

A missing chimney crown needs to be replaced as soon as possible! The lack of a crown leaves your chimney exposed to the elements and allows moisture and other debris to cause even bigger problems.

If left uncorrected, water leaking in from a broken or cracked crown can weaken the structure of your chimney. Structural damage will be harder and more costly to repair if not treated right away. Don’t miss out on using your chimney this season because of damage!

The worst thing that could happen is for you to notice the damage right before you want to use your fireplace for the first time. Sure, you could go ahead and use it anyway but we don’t recommend that.

Your best course of action is to contact the team at Northeastern Chimney to get on their schedule ASAP so you can get back to safely enjoying a cozy fire! Simply fill out our contact form or call 860-233-5770 to get started.

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