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Perfect Places to Add a Fireplace to Your Home

There are times when it really pays to think outside the box. This includes when you are deciding where to install a brand-new fireplace. Thanks to innovative design measures in modern pre-fab fireplaces, it’s possible to add these beloved heating appliances just about anywhere. It makes a lot of sense for people who love fireplaces and want to cut heating costs by hundreds of dollars annually to install fireplaces in their most-used rooms; even if that isn’t the main living area where fireplaces are typically enjoyed. Zone-heating is a strategy for cost savings in winter. It works by installing a fireplace in the primary living areas of your home and using this alternative heat source to warm the most-used rooms instead of heating the whole house with a typical, forced-air central heating system.

The following are some of the places you may want to have fireplaces installed:

Master Bathroom

Fireplace installation in New Britain, CTSpa-like design has been trending for a while, making master bathrooms more beautiful than ever. A fireplace in the bathroom can provide an extra “wow factor” that makes your home feel like a veritable resort. Also, if you add a fireplace in your master bathroom, it would make you a design trendsetter! Even though a bathroom fireplace is a desirable feature among the majority of homebuyers surveyed, recent research revealed that only about 10% of all master bathrooms include a fireplace. This is an idea whose time has come.

Outdoor Living Area

A must-have feature among most homebuyers today is an outdoor living area, and an outdoor fireplace, in particular, has tremendous appeal. There are so many benefits to being outdoors, and a fireplace is like a magnet that draws friends and families together. Including a fireplace in your backyard can set the stage for a better home life complete with a lot more outdoor living.


For a while now, garages have been enjoyed for more than just parking automobiles and storing supplies for outdoor play. Whether your garage is also a man cave, workshop, or hobby room, imagine how much more enjoyable it would be with a fireplace. Rarely does a garage get in on the central heating that makes our homes so comfortable. A sleek, efficient fireplace can keep you toasty and warm while enjoying your garage activities in winter.

Multiple Bedrooms

Fireplace installation in Bristol, CTZone heating, as referred to above, makes the best sense when everyone’s bedroom is equipped with a fireplace. Bedrooms can be enjoyed more than ever as individualized personal sanctuaries when there’s a fireplace to keep you warm and provide an ambiance that feeds the soul. There’s something about a mesmerizing fire that makes it an old-world luxury anywhere, anytime.

The Kitchen

As open design has become the new norm in homes everywhere, one of the best benefits is that the open spaces make room for a fireplace in the kitchen. The kitchen is already the primary place where family and friends most love to gather. That pleasure only increases with a fireplace installed where all the food is prepared and where many hands make for lighter work.

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