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Most Common Fireplace & Chimney Repairs

Owning a fireplace is not just about making memories next to a warm blaze in winter. It is critical to keep up with maintenance, such as tending to the most common fireplace repairs. When such things are neglected, the cost is far greater than it would otherwise have been. Homeowners are often simply unaware that chimneys need frequent monitoring. Moisture causes more problems than all other masonry issues combined. The following are among the most common fireplace repairs needed.

Chimney Cleaning and Sweeping in Newington CTCreosote Removal

If you have a wood-burning fireplace, chimney cleaning is usually needed annually because of creosote buildup. Creosote is a black, tar-like substance that is deposited in the chimney flue every time the fireplace is used. Creosote is the cause of some of the most common fireplace repairs that might be needed. There are dangers linked to creosote. Because the sooty substance is highly flammable, creosote increases the risk of hazardous chimney fires. If there is excessive creosote buildup, the chimney can become obstructed. A blocked chimney results in toxic fumes going inside the home instead of up and out of the chimney.

Leaky Chimney

If you’ve discovered that your chimney is leaky, it’s best to call certified chimney sweeps without delay. There are numerous possible causes of a chimney leak. The first step in addressing the problem will be to pinpoint the cause. A leaky chimney may be caused by the following, to give a few examples:

 The chimney flashing has come loose, or it has rusted
 The chimney crown has cracks in it
 The mortar on the chimney has been flaking and breaking off
 The chimney cap is damaged or missing

Flue Liner Damage

The chimney flue liner is an important safety component of the fireplace system. Of all the most common fireplace repairs needed, none are more critical than the repair or replacement of the flue liner. If there is any small breach in the liner, the fireplace should not be used until the problem is fixed. Flue liner repair is not usually practical because chimneys are typically built with clay tile liners. Repairing clay tiles involves a complete or partial chimney rebuild. A stainless- steel liner is the recommended type of replacement for a damaged flue liner.

Damaged Masonry

The mortar on chimneys expires after about 25 years, though bricks can last more than a century. Replacing mortar is among the most common fireplace repairs chimney sweeps make. When mortar deteriorates, it can allow water to infiltrate the chimney system.

Masonry Repairs in New Britain CT

Any brick that has water in it must be replaced because the water freezes and thaws in winter, causing movement of the spongelike brick interior. Eventually, the bricks will flatten, causing the chimney to lean and possibly collapse.

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