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Operating Your New Fireplace

A fireplace can be a beautiful addition to your home. The warmth and glow of a fire on a cool fall or winter night is like no other experience. Many memories can be made in front of a fireplace. But do you know how to make a fire in your fireplace? There are some easy steps to take to ensure a nice burning fire.

fireplace safety in Britain CTFirst and Foremost, Safety

    • Place smoke detectors on each floor as well as in each bedroom. Check with your local fire department for the requirements in your area.
    • Carbon monoxide detectors should be in good working condition. You will want to check them on a regular basis.
    • An operating fire extinguisher should be close by for easy access to the fireplace.
    • Keep all flammable objects at least three feet away from the fireplace.
    • Protect your home from embers and burning logs falling out of the fireplace. Put a fireplace screen or glass doors on your fireplace.

Now that you have all the safety issues in check, let’s talk about how to start a fire. Follow these instructions on how to make a fire in your wood-burning fireplace.

Open Your Damper

The damper works as a window to let smoke and toxins out of the chimney once a fire is made. Be sure to open the damper so that smoke doesn’t enter your home. If there is an issue opening the damper, please contact Northeast Chimney LLC. They will be happy to stop by and inspect the situation.

The Use of Wood

It is important to use only seasoned kindling and wood. Seasoned wood has to be dried for 6 months up to 2 years. If you make a fire with “wet’ wood, you will have a smokey fire and find that the wood doesn’t burn. Choose the best-seasoned wood that you can. The use of seasoned wood will help avoid the buildup of creosote as well.

Building Your Fire

You may find different opinions on building your fire. One preference is to build your fire with tinder, such as crumpled-up newspaper. From here add small kindling or dry twigs. Start the fire with a match. Add more pieces of kindling and then larger pieces as the fire grows. Once the wood is on fire you can sit back and enjoy until it is time to add more larger pieces of wood.

If you find that smoke comes back into the house, you may want to open a window or door. This will cause a cross-ventilation to help the smoke go up the chimney. Sometimes it needs that burst of air to get the airflow going up the chimney.

wood Fireplace in Newington CT

Let Northeastern Chimney LLC help you start your fire this fall!

Northeastern Chimney LLC is ready to book your appointment for an inspection and chimney sweep. This will ensure that you have a safe burning environment. Call us for all your chimney needs.

Northeastern Chimney, LLC was established in 1984 and is a fully licensed and insured chimney repair company. We provide chimney sweeping & video inspection. Our technicians are experienced in chimney relining, masonry repair, and restoration. 

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