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Tips to Prepare Your Fireplace For Summer

Now that we’re well into May, most homeowners across our region have stopped using their fireplaces. The next step on their to-do list is to get it ready for summer. This usually involves a handful of repair and maintenance tasks. If you’re not sure where to begin, here are our favorite tips to prepare your fireplace for summer!

Gas Fireplace Insert Sale and Installation in Rocky Hill CTFirst things first, which style of fireplace do you own?

Here in the U.S., there are two primary types of fireplace systems: wood-burning options and gas-powered fireplaces. We’ve separated our tips to prepare your fireplace for summer into three categories below based on that, with tips that are specific to each style as well as universally applicable tasks.

Let’s look at gas fireplaces first.

Tips to prepare your gas fireplace for summer

One of the selling points of a gas-powered fireplaces is that they are easier to clean and maintain. There are fewer steps to prepare your gas fireplace for summer, though you’ll still need to tackle a handful of items.

The first is to turn off your pilot light. Leaving it on is not only wasteful, but it can also add additional heat to your room while you’re trying to cool it off from the summer’s higher temperatures. Cleaning is often less involved as well, primarily focused on the burners themselves. Finally, one idea that many homeowners will do is to decorate their gas fireplace with various themes during the off-season.

Tips to prepare a wood-burning fireplace for summer

Moving on to wood-burning fireplaces, the steps to prepare it for summer are more involved. First, you’ll need to remove the ashes. We don’t recommend vacuuming them up, as the smaller particles can then permeate throughout your home. Instead, once they’ve fully cooled, you’ll want to scoop them up and dispose of the ashes in a sealed container or trash bag. Next, you’ll want to clean the firebox extensively, using mild soap and water to remove any excess soot from its walls. Finally, you should clean the glass doors of your fireplace, giving it a streak-free shine for the summer.

Final Preparations for Summer

And finally, there are a few things that you should do regardless of the type of fireplace you own. The first is to call Northeastern Chimney and schedule your annual sweep and inspection. Our team can use this time to clean off any creosote build-up from the walls of your flue. We’ll also ensure that there is no physical damage, such as spalling bricks, a rusted damper, or a cracked down.

Fireplace Insert Summer Upgrade in Bloomfield CT In addition, we can also take care of any repairs at this time. One of our tips to prepare your fireplace for summer essentially boils down to preparation. You will want to do everything you can in the off-season to get your fireplace ready for use this fall. At that time, we’ll replace or repair anything that needs to be addressed, such as the previously mentioned components, your cap, flashing, flue liner, and so on.

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If you’ve stopped using your fireplace for the season, then the best time to prepare it for the summer is now. Contact our team to schedule your appointment by calling Northeastern Chimney LLC at 860-233-5770 or by sending us a message.

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