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Our introduction video will show you some of our crews and recent jobs. Our crew installs a new stainless steel chimney cap in West Hartford, CT Read more about chimney caps here. Read more

Turn Your Firebox Repair into a Fireplace Renewal

The firebox of a fireplace that’s well-used year after year, being frequently exposed to the searing temperatures of blazing-hot fires, will often fall into a state of disrepair.  A firebox with deteriorating mortar joints and crumbling bricks is one of the things that your professional chimney sweep can help you identify as a hazard.  If... Read more

A Thorough Spring Cleaning includes a Chimney Cleaning and Inspection

After being cooped up in the house for most of the winter, a spring cleaning is a great way to celebrate the changing of the seasons. When you get your indoor space thoroughly cleaned and free of clutter, it rejuvenates the simple joy of being home. But if you have a fireplace, spring cleaning isn’t... Read more

What’s in Your Chimney this Holiday Season?

Children around the world are beginning to think about Santa Claus and how he will fit down their chimney or otherwise get into their home to leave gifts.  The real Santa has never been known to get stuck in a chimney, but many strange things have. Animals Having animals in your chimney isn’t all that... Read more

One Inspection Will Solve Three Major Problems

Don’t Neglect This Important Maintenance – Annual Chimney Inspection by Dave Lamb – dave@mychimneys.com It’s that time of year to enjoy s’mores and hot chocolate by a cozy fire on a cold winter night, but first some important maintenance must be taken care of. To avoid chimney problems and health risks ruining the holiday season,... Read more

Why should I care about my Chimney Liner

What exactly is a Chimney Liner and Why Should I Care? by Dave Lamb – dave@mychimneys.com Chimney liners are an important safety feature and protective layer of chimneys that many know little about. The chimney liner is the material that covers the inside of the chimney flue to protect the chimney from combustion products and... Read more

Is Your Clothes Dryer a Potential Fire Hazard?

Every year thousands of fires are caused by clothes dryers in the United States.   Last year in Ansonia, Connecticut, for instance, an apartment complex caught fire due to an overheated dryer; and three families were displaced.  In early 2013, a clothes dryer caught fire in a house in Bethel, Connecticut.  Statistics show that there are... Read more

Why is it Important for Chimney Sweeps to be CSIA Certified?

Have you ever considered visiting a dentist for health problems unrelated to your teeth and gums?  In a small way it makes sense, since dentists are exposed to medical training.  The problem is that dentists are highly trained in matters related to the mouth and typically no other parts of the body.  Compare this scenario... Read more

Possible Reasons for Drafty Fireplace Woes

Does your home smell like smoke because of a drafty fireplace or wood stove?  This is one of the most common chimney woes that people deal with, and there are many possible causes of the problem.  A professional chimney sweep knows just what to look for, but you can possibly determine the root of the... Read more

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