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4 Fireplace Accessories That Can Improve Your Fireplace’s Efficiency

Fireplace DoorsYou don’t have to put up with a drafty chimney or settle for a fireplace that doesn’t produce very much heat. If you’d like stop chimney drafts or increase the heat output of your fireplace, the solution may be a fireplace accessory. With the right fireplace accessory, you can turn your fireplace into an effective heater or improve your home’s energy efficiency.

These are the top 4 accessories we recommend to improve fireplace efficiency:

  1. A Grate or Set of Andirons

Adding a grate or set of andirons to your fireplace can improve its efficiency because fires need airflow. Stacking firewood and kindling on top of a grate or a set of andirons allows air to circulate around the wood and feed the fire. Either one of these accessories can make the fire burn hotter.

  1. A Blower or Grate Heater

If you are concerned that most of the heat from your fireplace is escaping up the chimney, a blower or grate heater is a smart investment. Grate heaters and blowers are designed to push heat from the fireplace into your living space. They come in range of styles from utilitarian to ornate. With one of these in your fireplace, you won’t have to make as many trips out to the wood pile to keep your home comfortable.

  1. Ceramic Fireplace Doors

There are many benefits to installing ceramic fireplace doors. Unlike glass fireplace doors, ceramic doors don’t have to be open when the fire is burning. You can keep them shut without the risk that they will crack or burst. Instead, they will radiate heat from the fire into your home. When your fireplace is not in use, they will prevent heated or cooled air in your home from escaping and hot or cold air from outside entering. Along with improving your home’s energy efficiency, they will also prevent sparks or hot embers from flying out of the fireplace.

  1. A Top-Sealing Damper

top sealing damperA top-sealing damper is another accessory that will improve your home’s energy efficiency, not just your fireplace’s. The reason why so many fireplaces are drafty is because they have standard chimney throat dampers. These dampers are located between the firebox and the throat of the chimney. Since they are so close to the fire, they are made of metal to withstand the high temperatures. Unfortunately, this design also prevents them from sealing tightly. That is why hot and cold air from outside is able to rush down the chimney forcing your HVAC system to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. Your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard if you have a top-sealing damper installed. It is installed at the top of the chimney and seals tightly when closed. It will prevent heated or cooled air from escaping outside and stop hot or cold air from outside entering.

Give us a call if you’re looking for an accessory to improve your fireplace’s efficiency!  Northeast Chimney is a provider of premier fireplace accessories. We can help you find the right accessory to lower your energy costs by cutting down on drafts or transform your fireplace into an effective heater.

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