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Do you have any of these 7 Common Chimney Problems

Anyone trying to buy a home is looking for as much bang for their buck as possible.  Their checklist has more than a few items to look for.   There are good neighborhoods, good schools, a great floor plan, and sometimes how much storage space the house has.  However, with all the amenities, buyers often overlook the fireplace and chimney condition. If the fireplace looks good, then the chimney is in good shape, too.  Right?  Not so fast.  Much of the chimney can’t be seen, or it’s on the roof and not easily noticed.

When a house is considered for purchase, request that the chimney be cleaned and inspected.  Unlike paint and simple plumbing jobs, the chimney is not a DIY project. There is so much out of the homeowner’s control it can be unnerving.  Chimney problems are often caused by weather-related events or age; homeowners can’t control either one.

Below are 7 common problems chimneys often experience.

creosote removal from chimney, farmington ctCreosote build-up

It doesn’t matter if it’s propane, wood, or wood pellets; if the smoke rises, there will be creosote.  It is sticky and highly flammable and causes 125,000 house fires per year and millions of dollars of damage.  Some of those fires have caused casualties.  Having your chimney cleaned and inspected annually can eliminate any issues.

Cracked, broken, and splitting brickwork

Many of these problems are caused by age and neglect.  Once again, this is something that can be identified with annual cleaning and inspection.

Mangled or missing chimney cap

This is easy for a homeowner to recognize.  This damage could have been caused by animals or strong wind.  The chimney cap can be replaced in less than an hour by a reputable chimney repair company.

A cracked chimney flue

The best way to detect this is with a chimney camera.  Santa can get up and down the chimney but, mere mortals cannot.  Hiring a company that has a chimney camera is beneficial for viewing the interior of the chimney.

Chimney obstruction

This can be anything (animals or organic debris) blocking or clogging the chimney and causing smoke and toxic fumes back down into the home.  Smoke contains carbon monoxide, an odorless, colorless gas that is lethal.  Once again, a chimney inspection and cleaning will take care of any obstructions.

Decaying wood is a problem with several outcomes

Many homes, regardless of age, have wooden framework around their chimney.  If this is the case, a rotting wood frame can spell disaster for a chimney.  Many chimneys can lean or buckle in these conditions.  Others will have cracking brick and mortar because of the rotting wood.  Getting a chimney inspection can determine if the frame is the cause of the damage.

chimney masonry repair, Newington ctDamaged mortar

If the bricks are crumbling, there is a good chance the mortar is too.  It is advisable when the bricks are being replaced to have a chimney repair team fix the mortar as well.

All the above are common complaints from homeowners about their chimneys.  If any of these problems are plaguing your chimney, it is time to call Northeastern Chimney, LLC.  We are here to solve all chimney complications.

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