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Things You Should Know About Fireplaces

There is something uniquely satisfying about sitting in front of a fire on a cold winter’s night.  Even if you are alone, that fire is like a companion.  Its smells and sounds create a type of persona that is friendly and welcoming.  For a homeowner to safely continue to enjoy the pleasures of a fireplace, they must make sure to complete annual fireplace inspections and regular maintenance.  Below are several requirements to keep your fireplace and its ambiance in working order.

fireplace inspection, south windsor ctContact a Professional Chimney Sweep.

Yes, some people do this for a living.  Check online or start asking around for chimney cleaning companies.  Cleaning and inspection should be done annually.  If a chimney is used regularly, it will become coated with creosote.  This creosote is a sticky substance that covers the inside of chimneys.  If there is enough of this, it could start a chimney fire.

Clean out the firebox after every fire.

The firebox is the place where the wood burns.  This area needs to be scooped, shoveled or swept out, and all the ash needs to be taken outside.  Ashes remain hot for an extended period; all it takes is one spark to start a fire.

The 36-inch rule.

Nothing should be within 36 inches of the firebox.  Furniture, plants, curtains, carpet, etc., need to be further than a yard from the fireplace.   Even if you have a fireplace screen, sparks can get through.

Every chimney needs a chimney cap.

The presence of a chimney cap is essential.  The cap on the top of the chimney keeps animals and debris from coming in and getting stuck, making more fire opportunities.  It will also keep that one stray spark from blowing on a neighbor’s rooftop.

Move the Christmas Stockings.

Hanging stockings on or around the fireplace is an integral part of Christmas for many families.  If you must keep that tradition, the fireplace should not be used during the Christmas season, and should only be used once the decorations are put away.

Use only seasoned wood for your fireplace.

Using seasoned wood may seem trivial but, there is a motive.  Seasoned wood is wood that has been cut down and stored in a dry place, for an extended period.  When wood is seasoned properly, there is no smoke created by the fire.  Damp wood will produce nothing but smoke and create little heat.

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fireplace and chimney cleaning, farmington ctWhen it comes to chimneys and fireplaces, Northeastern Chimney, LLC has seen just about everything.  Being a family-owned and operated business and four decades of experience, we are proud to be serving our Connecticut customers.  Our technicians are familiar with most of the chimney and fireplace construction in the area.

Each of our chimney sweeps (technicians) is certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America and the National Chimney Sweep Guild.  Each of these organizations requires staff members to be fully trained and up to date with the latest chimney cleaning and chimney repair and maintenance techniques.

Infrequently, our staff sees or hears about a chimney fire that significantly damaged or destroyed a central Connecticut home.  Our company goal is to make each fireplace and chimney as safe as possible.  Make your annual chimney cleaning and inspection appointment with us.

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