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Why You Should Add a Second Fireplace to Your Home

Regency Wood Burning Fireplace InsertWhat’s better during warm seasons than a home improvement project in which you add a second fireplace to your home? Fireplaces are as popular as they have ever been, and adding a second fireplace is all the rage. You should consider a second fireplace to provide cost-saving supplementary heat, to improve the ambiance of a room, or for both reasons. You’ll also boost the value of your home, with the addition of a second wood-burning fireplace or gas fireplace in your home.

Where to Install a Second Fireplace

The first fireplace in a home is virtually always in the den or main living area. It’s typical for a home to have just one fireplace, but there are so many places they can be affordably installed, why have just one? The architectural beauty and practical warmth of a fireplace is ideal in a master bedroom, the kitchen, and even in extravagant bathrooms. Master bedrooms offer the greatest amount of flexibility for installation, since they are usually the most spacious rooms.

Another huge trend, in addition to second fireplaces, is creating a spa-like experience in bathrooms. Flickering gas fireplaces further enhance the luxurious atmosphere.

The modern fireplaces of today are incredibly efficient. Zero clearance (ZC) fireplaces can be installed in just about any space, since they can safely be placed a few inches from combustible materials.

Kitchens are already the heart of just about any home. When there is a cozy fireplace burning in the kitchen, as well, it’s time to move in some comfy seating because no one may ever want to leave. If you already use gas appliances in the kitchen, adding a gas fireplace is especially easy.

No matter where you decide to install a second fireplace, there is no doubt that the charm of the room will be greatly enhanced.

A Gas or Wood-Burning Fireplace

You may choose a second fireplace that burns wood or gas. Wood-burning fireplaces provide the greatest amount of ambiance, since there is nothing quite like crackling logs on a fire. There are natural aromas, with wood-burning, that you won’t get with gas.

Many people choose a gas fireplace for the effortless convenience. There’s no need to deal with things like cutting, stacking, and hauling wood. Instead, you switch on instant flames and instant warmth. The modern styles provide many exciting options, including gas fireplaces that provide a view from two rooms at once.

Gas-fueled and wood-burning appliances alike make excellent second fireplaces.

Supplemental Heat

add a second fireplaceOne reason for the growing trend of adding a second fireplace is no doubt the desire among homeowners to lower utility costs. Zone heating is made easy with a gas fireplace. Turn off the central heating and switch on the gas fireplace in the room you’re in. Zone heating can work with wood-burning fireplaces, too, but without the convenience.

When you’re ready to indulge or rather invest in a second fireplace, contact our chimney professionals. It’s important to have your solid fuel burning appliances installed by a professional, to ensure safety and proper operation. To keep your fireplaces in tip-top condition, contact us for chimney cleaning and inspections, as well.

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