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All About Rebuilding A Chimney

Sometimes, chimney repair goes beyond tuckpointing or repointing damaged mortar. If your chimney is old or damaged beyond these minor repairs, it may be time to look into a total teardown and rebuild of your chimney structure.

Spring is the ideal time for a chimney rebuild. By that time, you’re most likely done using your fireplace and chimney. The system will remain idle until the following fall and temperatures outdoors are warm enough for everything to set up properly. So with that in mind, let’s go over the details of rebuilding a chimney.

Masonry Chimney Rebuilding and Flue replacement in Granby CTFirst, is it time to rebuild?

How do you know if you are past the point of repair and need to start fresh? For starters, you may notice the chimney leaning, water damage in and around the mortar, large cracks in the brick, or excessive amounts of damaged mortar. If you spot any of these, you should contact us right away and stop using your chimney until we can assess the situation.

Also, your Northeastern Chimney tech may discover these issues during your yearly inspection. If any of these signs are observed, it’s likely time for a rebuild.

Different ways of rebuilding a chimney

That being said, there are three options when it comes to repairing a chimney at this point. If only a section needs to be removed and replaced, this is known as a partial rebuild. The technician will remove the damaged section and replace it with new materials. This could also include replacing all the metal materials in the chimney that have been compromised by rust. Another type of partial rebuild is tuckpointing, which simply means you’re filling in the cracks or gaps in your masonry. Finally, repointing is a type of partial chimney rebuild where you replace all of the mortar joints.

A roofline-up rebuild occurs when the entire structure from the roof flashing up to the crown needs to be replaced. This leaves the interior structure intact while repairing problems with the exterior visible structure starting with your flashing and working its way upward toward your cap and crown.

And finally, a complete rebuild happens when the entire structure is compromised. New brick and mortar are used to construct an entirely new chimney face; this can also include replacing interior components that are in poor shape.

Can a rebuild be prevented?

As any structure ages, it is going to require care and upkeep. However, with proper care and regular inspections, damage can be caught in the early stages and typically fixed before turning into a more serious and labor-intensive issue. As water damage is a leading contributor to deterioration and damage, utilizing a waterproofing sealant on the chimney’s surface will help to protect your chimney for the long haul.

Chimney Rebuilding Services in Windsor Locks CTWe’re here to help, whether you need a rebuild or a repair

We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners across Connecticut with all of their chimney-based repair needs. From annual sweeps and inspections to complete rebuilds, there is no job we can’t handle for you.

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