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Here’s Why August is Prime Chimney Sweep Time!

bristol ct chimney sweep and cleaningAccording to virtually every fire-safety agency in the United States, chimneys connected to wood-burning fireplaces need to be professionally cleaned on an annual basis.  This work is necessary to keep the system safe as well as to ensure efficient operation.  But you probably already know all that.  What you may not know is that August is the ideal month to have your chimney cleaned and inspected.

By having cleaning work done in August, it means your fireplace will be ready to go when the cooler days of September begin arriving.  Scheduling a chimney sweep in August also will be easier to do, because once September and October roll around, crews start to get very busy servicing homeowners who waited until the last minute.

When you arrange for chimney cleaning and inspection in August to get your system ready for fall and winter, you’ll enjoy the following seven benefits.

1. Reduce fire hazard

Burning wood creates creosote, a sticky and highly flammable substance that clings to the inside of chimneys.  Excess creosote buildup that ignites is a leading cause of house fires in America every year.

2. Find chimney problems early

A professional chimney inspector can spot problems in their early stages and initiate solutions before the problems become very expensive to fix.  From leaking bricks and mortar to damaged chimney liners, an inspector will find and resolve issues quickly.

3. Remove obstructions

A thorough chimney cleaning includes ridding your chimney of all manner of obstructions from leaves, twigs and other debris to animal nests and sometimes the animals themselves who have died.  With obstructions gone, your chimney will draft air and smoke efficiently and safely.

4. Add necessary components

Chimneys operated without chimney caps are open doors for all the obstructions mentioned above.  A quality chimney cap prevents all this stuff from entering your chimney.  Your chimney inspector likely will recommend installing a cap if you don’t have one.

5. Safeguard against carbon monoxide poisoning

Burning wood and gas create carbon monoxide, an odorless, invisible gas that is poisonous to humans and animals.  This gas can easily infiltrate your home if your chimney is obstructed.  A clean chimney means smoke and gasses move into the outside air.

6. Eliminate chimney smells

If water is getting into your chimney, it will mix with ash and create offensive odors that find their way into your home.  Dead birds, mice, raccoons, squirrels and other animals also produce unwanted smells.  Cleaning solves the odor problem.

chimney sweep and chimney repair in burlington ct7. Peace of mind

All the benefits we listed here are important, and so is your peace of mind.  When you have a professional, certified chimney sweep perform a thorough cleaning and inspection of your chimney and fireplace, you’ll be able to rest easy, knowing everything is in order to see you through the upcoming winter.

Northeastern Chimney of West Hartford, CT, provides chimney cleaning, inspection, maintenance and repair for homeowners throughout our region.  We want your system to work right and be a wonderful amenity in your home.  To learn more about what we do, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (860) 233-5770.

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