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Consider the Benefits of a Fireplace Insert

3 Reasons to Install a Fireplace Insert
Fireplace Inserts Provide Three Primary Benefits, And More…

You may remember this Fireplace Insert from earlier this year when we gave away a brand new Enviro Boston1200 Insert to one of our Facebook Friends.

Do you need to replace your traditional fireplace? If so, have you considered getting a fireplace insert? These are heating appliances that you place inside your old fireplace. There are many benefits to using an insert, such as:


1. Saving on the cost of renovating or rebuilding your existing fireplace. This type of work involves major structural work that will interfere with your normal household routines and the costs involved can be enough to make you sweat even in the wintertime!

2. Upgrading your heating system. When you install a fireplace insert, you get the benefit of added insulation and the ability to use the heat produced rather than losing heat up the chimney.

3. Cutting down the size of your energy bill. When your heating system is more efficient, your electricity bill just naturally gets smaller. As an added bonus, this is another way to be friendly to the environment.

Many times homeowners have a beautiful fireplace surround but the fireplace itself is not functioning well. That situation is a perfect fit for a new Fireplace Insert.

If you switch from using a wood-burning fireplace to a gas-burning fireplace insert, your home’s energy efficiency will greatly improve. Gas-burning inserts in particular are very energy efficient – much more so than the average wood-burning fireplace.


Have you been planning to do something new with an old fireplace? You can’t go wrong if you get a energy-efficient fireplace insert professionally installed. The safety of your home and family is one area in which not to cut corners. If an insert were incorrectly installed, your home could be in danger of catching fire due to a breach that allows excessive heat to go where it shouldn’t.

It is amazing how much the look and efficiency of a "plain old" brick fireplace can be improved with a stylish Fireplace Insert.

Did we mention that fireplace inserts are very aesthetically pleasing? You can choose from many different styles, all of which are beautiful and stylish. Some of them are set right into your fireplace and others project from the wall, but all of them will save you money on the cost of heating your home. Of course, you’ll love the way the entire room gets a nice uplift with the addition of a fireplace insert.


This heating appliance must always be properly matched to the requirements of the flue and lining of your chimney. It’s essential to have the help of chimney lining and appliance installation experts to ensure the proper fit.

Are you unsure whether your fireplace needs to be replaced? The following are just some reasons why now may be the right time to get a fireplace insert:

· If the chimney is no longer fulfilling its purpose of venting flue smoke and gases from your fireplace, it may be time to repair or replace it.

· If there are a lot of cracks in your fireplace or if there are missing mortar joints, your chimney may not be able to safely contain the heat from the fireplace, which means your home is vulnerable to catching fire.

· If there are missing or loose bricks, it may be time to replace the chimney or get a fireplace insert.

· If you see brick chips lying on your roof, on the ground or in the firebox, it’s probably an indication that the chimney isn’t sound.

· If there are water leaks around the chimney, at the very least, repair is needed.

· If your chimney cap is missing or damaged, more problems with your fireplace are likely. It would mean that snow and rain are probably damaging the inside of your chimney. It could mean that creatures such as raccoons, birds, and bats are making homes in the flue.

Of course, you’ll want to get your fireplace insert and chimney cleaned and inspected by a professional chimney sweep annually, the same as with your regular fireplace. There is a very wide selection of styles, facings and doors to choose from and we will help you pick just the right insert for your home.

If you are considering installing a fireplace insert please contact us for an estimate. We offer several major brands like Vermont Castings, Napoleon, Hudson River, Enviro and more. We also have the technicians on staff to professionally install your insert. All our techs are fully trained and certified by the CSIA.

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