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Four Tips for Buying a Wood-Burning Fire Pit

If you love your fireplace, no need to be sad when you close it up for spring and summer. With a wood-burning fire pit, you can enjoy outdoor fires year-around. For cool summer nights, a wood fire can make your backyard feel like a carefree getaway. Just don’t be too carefree, since safety precautions are essential. Rest assured that the joys of a fire pit are worth the time spent on being responsible. Check out the following tips for buying a wood-burning fire pit for your backyard.

1-Choose Permanent or Portable

Backyard Fire PitThere are benefits to portable and permanent fire pits. With a portable fire pit, you can enjoy safe fires when camping or tailgating. If you move, you won’t need to leave your fire pit behind. Even in your backyard, you have the freedom move the fire pit to the best spot under the stars.

A built-in fire pit can become a stunning focal point in your backyard. You can choose a design to match the house or your garden. The materials you use must be able to withstand high temperatures, however. The grout or mortar must be fire-proof, as well. You can opt for a poured concrete fire pit or have one built with brick, stone, masonry block, or pavers.

2- Choose your Style

There are many options available for fire pits. Bowls come in many styles that will fit with a wide range of designs. You may want a large copper bowl, steel bowl, or stone bowl. Consider buying a bowl that comes with a cover that could be used to safely snuff out a fire.

A fire table may be perfect for your home, which would mean, however, that you would go with gas fuel.

3-Check Local Laws

Cities usually have their own laws for wood-burning, and some neighborhoods do, as well, especially when there’s a homeowner’s association. You could be avoiding fines for violations by checking on fire-burning laws before you buy your wood-burning fire pit. Some municipalities allow fire pits but don’t allow anyone under 18 years of age to tend the fires.

One of the primary concerns with burning wood has to do with the environment and dangers associated with inhaling particulate matter from fires. Due to efforts to protect the environment, fire pits aren’t allowed in some locations.

4-Fire Pit Placement

Fire Pit Backyard A wood-burning fire pit cannot be burned indoors or under any type of covering. Before you choose your fire pit, be aware that there may be code restrictions regarding where you can place a fire pit in your backyard. A fire pit cannot be placed on a wood deck or too close to a home, or other structures. Once you know your options, you could change your mind and decide to switch from a wood-burning fire pit to a gas fire pit. You have more options with gas, including enjoying the fire pit in a large covered porch area or under a pergola. It’s still important to have your plans pre-approved by your city because guidelines could include things such as ceiling height, flooring, and ventilation.

For any questions you may have about fire safety and wood-burning fire pits or other heating appliances, contact the certified chimney sweeps at Northeastern Chimney LLC.

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