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Why Are Chimney Inspections Important?

Have you wondered why chimney inspections are so important? If so, you’re not alone. It’s one of those “out of sight, out of mind” home maintenance tasks that often gets overlooked. However, with an average of 25,000 chimney fires across the country each year, here are the top five reasons why you’ll want to make a chimney inspection one of your top priorities this season.

Chimney Flue Inspection, Rocky Hill CTA cracked flue can lead to a house fire

Your flue is a ceramic or metal tube that runs from your firebox to the outside of your home. It’s surrounded by your masonry, but that doesn’t mean you can simply forget about it. Your flue is essential to preventing house fires, and one that is cracked or damaged will most likely result in some kind of property damage. The only true way to know if your flue is in good condition is via regular chimney inspections.

Water damage from poor masonry

Likewise, that same masonry that surrounds your flue is susceptible to the elements. As both your brick and mortar are porous materials, water can find its way into these holes, expand during a freeze cycle, and then cause an even bigger crack. Eventually, your masonry will break down from this process which can lead to water damage inside your home. During a chimney inspection, your technician will look for signs of masonry deterioration and make recommendations to prevent it from continuing to happen.

Wildlife blockages

Speaking of the inside of your home, your flue is how dangerous gasses and fumes exit your house. If wildlife somehow makes its way into your flue and takes up residence, this can cause those same gasses to back up into your home. A chimney sweep and inspection from Northeastern Chimney will remove these obstructions.

It’s time to buy or sell

Eventually, you may decide to sell your home. Your home’s new owners will want to know when the last chimney inspection was before closing. However, this doesn’t always happen. You may even have purchased your home not knowing when the last chimney inspection was or what it uncovered. Having one now is both a preventive measure for yourself or if you’re considering selling your property.

Chimney Video Inspection, Newington CTHomeowner’s Insurance

Finally, if you were to have an incident that is clearly linked to your chimney, inspections can save you money. How exactly? Some insurance policies will not cover repairs to your home if you skip out on your annual chimney inspection. This will then cost you even more out of pocket as you mitigate the damage.

Schedule your next chimney inspection ASAP

If you don’t know when your last chimney inspection was, or if you’re getting ready to use your fireplace for the first time, put a pause on that and schedule your next chimney inspection and expert chimney cleaning. From house fires to blockages to insurance concerns, there are plenty of reasons to make annual chimney inspections one of your top home priorities. Ready to get started? Then contact Northeastern Chimney by calling us at 860-233- 5770 or book your inspection through our website.

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