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Why Is My Chimney Leaning? 

Exactly what is going on? My chimney seems to be leaning. I’ve had no weather events to cause such a lean. So, what is going on?

leaning chimney in Canton CT

Most commonly it is due to the foundation, but let’s discuss other common reasons.

  • Your chimney is poorly constructed. Not all companies are created equal, unfortunately.
  • Age has taken over and the masonry has started to break down.
  • Newer homes have cement chimney footings and are stronger. If you own an older home, you may have footings that cannot support the chimney. The weight of a chimney may be causing the lean.
  • The size of the chimney footing may not be appropriately sized to support the chimney in your home. Often the material used is not the best quality. This can cause faulty footings.
  • Soil erosion may be a cause of a footing being displaced, causing a lean to your chimney.
  • Proper drainage can be a cause as well. If you have water that stands at the footing it can cause the soil to move.  

We talked about the causes of a leaning chimney. Now let us discuss the signs that you need to look for.

What Are The Signs Of A Leaning Chimney?

You can see that the chimney is leaning. If you notice the chimney leaning it is time to place that call to Northeastern Chimney Inc.

You may see water or condensation in your firebox. Or you may see it on the ceiling around your chimney. These are signs that you have an issue with water, and it may be contributing to a leaning chimney.

If you see that the smoke is not exiting the chimney as it used to. You may have a leaning chimney. Try to make all the adjustments that are needed to correct this. Be sure you are burning dry wood, and you have proper ventilation. Also, try warming the chimney before lighting a fire. If you have tried all the tricks to get the smoke to exit and are still having no luck. Call us for an inspection. We can give you answers.

You are starting to notice crumbling bricks and mortar. As a leaning chimney adjusts, it moves ever so slightly. This causes the bricks to shift and the mortar to become loose. 

chimney inspections and cleaning in St Windsor LocksDo you believe that your chimney is leaning?

Your best attack would be to call Northeastern Chimney Inc. for a full inspection. You don’t want something like a leaning chimney to go for too long. Once you start to see changes, it does not mean that the issues have just begun. 

Schedule your inspection or cleaning soon by calling Northeastern Chimney Inc. at 860-233-5770. We will be able to book an appointment that works with your schedule. We have all the equipment needed for all sorts of chimneys.

Our certified chimney technicians provide quality chimney sweep services including chimney repairs, chimney cleaning, and chimney rebuilding for residents in West Hartford, East Windsor, Farmington, Glastonbury, Wethersfield, Marlborough, Cromwell, and the surrounding Central Connecticut area.

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