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Cleaning a Fireplace is Best Left to the Professionals

professional fireplace and chimney cleaning in bristol ctCleaning out the chimney of your home is one task you shouldn’t DIY. Chimney systems are more fragile than they seem. Small amounts of creosote or thin cracks in the crown could lead to serious problems. That is why professional chimney sweeps always inspect your chimney during a cleaning to make sure there are no safety risks or warning signs. Without a trained eye, you could overlook a serious problem without realizing it.

Hiring a CSIA-certified chimney sweep to clean and inspect your home’s chimney is the best way to make sure your chimney is safe to keep you warm another year. Here are four more reasons you should leave chimney cleaning to the professionals:

 • DIY Chimney Cleaning Methods Can Be Dangerous & Less Effective

Trying to smoke out animals nesting in the chimney or burn out creosote deposits are the most dangerous DIY methods. Building a large fire in your fireplace when the chimney is obstructed by animals, an animal nest or large creosote deposits is a good way to start a fire. It could also expose you to carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas that’s tasteless, colorless and odorless. Burning a chimney cleaning log or using a chimney brush, or another chimney cleaning tool, is less dangerous but also less effective. Most household chimney cleaning products don’t even come close to fulfilling their promises. Even the best products can’t remove all of the tough creosote deposits that a CSIA-certified professional can. 

 • Professional Chimney Sweeps Can Handle the Mess

Cleaning out a chimney is a dirty job. During the process, chunks of creosote and clouds of creosote dust can come down the chimney. It can make a big mess. Breathing in creosote dust can hurt your lungs. Professional chimney sweeps have the safety gear they need to clean your chimney safely and have industrial grade equipment to clean up the mess afterward so they can leave your home looks as good as it did when they arrived.

 • A Professional Cleaning Will Save You a Trip to Your Roof

Making a trip up to the roof to clear out animal nests, leaves, twigs or other lawn debris that may be stuck in the chimney is an important step in the process. From the roof, you can also spot other problems like a broken chimney crown or missing chimney cap. Climbing onto a roof is always a little risky. You can avoid an accidental fall by hiring a professional chimney sweep who has the right equipment and experience to keep his balance.

 • To Meet Your Homeowners Insurance Policy Requirements

fireplace expert cleaning the chimneyLoosing everything in a house fire is devastating. Without funds from your insurance company, you may not be able to afford to rebuild. That is why it is smart to make sure that you meet your homeowners’ insurance policy’s requirements. Many homeowners’ insurance policies require an annual professional chimney inspection and cleaning. Your insurance company may deny your claim if you can’t provide proof that you’ve met the requirements.

Don’t gamble with your home’s safety and security! Hire a professional chimney sweep for an annual chimney cleaning and inspection. CSIA-certified chimney sweeps like us have the training and experience to clean out all the dangerous creosote deposits in your chimney and take care of other safety risks. Give us a call to learn more or set an appointment for your next chimney cleaning! 

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