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Why Would My Chimney Be Leaking?

You notice water and moisture coming from your chimney. This is a concern that you will want to get looked at before you have serious damage. A leak in the chimney can occur in several situations. Let us look at the five reasons that you may have a leaky chimney.

leaky chimney repair in Rocky Hill CTWater Coming In From The Top Of The Chimney:

If your chimney is not protected by a chimney cap, you may have rain and snow coming in from the top. The easiest fix for this would be to contact us for information on inserting a chimney cap. A cap is also beneficial to keep out debris and small animals that may search out your chimney for shelter.

Cracked Chimney Crown:

The chimney crown sits on the top of the fireplace. It is usually made of cement. The cement over time can age and crack. If you have a small crack water can enter. With the freezing and thawing of ice, the cement expands, making the crack larger. As the crack expands, more water can get into your chimney.

This can be fixed by applying a sealer around the chimney crown. Contact Northeastern Chimney at 860-233-5770.  We can help with this.

Masonry Bricks Absorbing Water:

The bricks used to construct your chimney are quite porous. Even more so if they go unattended over the years. Water can seep into the bricks and eventually come into the chimney. The freezing and thawing effect of ice can cause the mortar to expand and crack, giving way to leaks. Also, if your chimney is mostly in the shade this may be causing issue as well. The sun doesn’t hit the chimney to dry it out. Try to maintain the trees close to the house. Trim overhanging branches and limbs. A brick sealant can help as well.

Damaged Chimney Flashing:

The flashing is the part of the chimney where it joins the roof. If the flashing is not attached to the chimney, water will get into your chimney. This can cause a major issue if not addressed. A tight seal is used to connect the chimney to the roof, if damaged there can be considerable water issues.

chimney inspection in Rocky Hill CTLeaking From The Attic

When you have fires in your fireplace, gas fumes escape up the chimney.  With these fumes come condensation. The condensation attaches itself to the inside of your chimney and the flue. This condensation, if not recognized, can seep into your home, most commonly into the attic. The condensation or moisture can damage the drywall in the attic. It can cause moisture damage to the walls as well.

It is recommended to have your chimney inspected regularly. Experts suggest on an annual basis. By doing so, any issues can be found early, before the damage is too great.

Schedule your inspection or cleaning soon by calling Northeastern Chimney at 860-233-5770.

We service all of Hartford, Tolland, and Litchfield Counties. All our chimney technicians are CSIA certified. We are active in the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG) and the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)

In addition, Northeastern Chimney, Inc. maintains a rigorous training schedule and a strict code of performance and ethics.

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