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Fireplaces Add Extra Heat and Security in Cold Winter Weather

Connecticut Chimney SweepsFor a full six months of the year, Connecticut is a place where warm coats, mittens, and thermal socks are wardrobe favorites. It is usually chilly enough outside to need a reliable source of heat, for when you get home and escape the cold. While blackouts that shut down central heating may not be common, rising electricity costs are and fireplaces can help with both problems. It is possible to rely on fireplaces as viable heat sources throughout the winter and for adequate heat in wintry emergencies.

Fireplace Versatility

Large areas such as dens and living rooms are ideal for traditional fireplaces. If a fireplace insert is installed inside your traditional masonry fireplace, it is transformed from an appliance good for little more than aesthetic appeal to a cost-cutting heat source.

You can also have fireplaces in smaller spaces. The products available today make it possible to have a fireplace of a style, size, and color that will enhance any room in your home. Shutting off your central heating system and heating only the room you are in with a convenient fireplace is referred to as “zone heating.”

Fireplace EfficiencyThe modern fireplaces available today are highly efficient products of thoughtful engineering. A firebox enclosed within a steel cabinet makes it possible to safely enjoy a roaring fire, though the appliance remains relatively cool on the outer wall. The design allows installation just inches from combustible materials, such as wood-framed walls with sheetrock.

Factory-built fireplaces are remarkably inexpensive, especially as compared with masonry fireplaces installed as part of the structure of the home.

You may choose to have wood-burning fireplaces or gas fireplaces installed. Gas fireplaces provide several benefits, and for that reason they have become very popular appliances among homeowners. The following are some of the reasons gas fireplaces are frequently used for zone heating:

• The ease of use with gas fireplaces is unbeatable. A fire is started by remote control or by flipping a switch. No need to cut, stack, or haul firewood. There aren’t any ashes to clean up, either.
• Gas fireplaces are efficient, minimizing heat loss and providing energy efficiency of up to 70%.
• Gas fireplaces do not require a conventional chimney, which makes it possible to have them installed in just about any area of your home.
• There are hundreds of styles of gas fireplaces to choose from, including ultra-modern designs that add a real wow factor to your home. The size range is remarkable, from very small to large. You can choose shaped contours that are truly unique. There are even styles that make it possible to view fires both indoors and outdoors.

Fireplaces in Blackouts

Efficient Fireplace InsertConnecticut is no place to be indoors with no relief from the cold winter weather. When the electricity goes out, fireplaces are ideal for ensuring that you and your family have a way to stay warm.

Is your home equipped with one or more fireplaces? The soothing heat of a fireplace is good anytime temperatures drop but especially when a blackout occurs. Contact our chimney professionals for installation of gas or wood-burning fireplaces in your home.

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