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How to Safely Operate a Gas Fireplace

new gas fireplace install in canton ctOnce the decision is made to install a gas fireplace into a home, the man of the house breathes a sigh of relief. He is no longer lugging in wood, no more splinters, ashes, cleanup, or all the other menacing chores that accompany a wood-burning fireplace.

However, some precautions still need addressing before a gas fireplace can be used.  Adhering to these few safeguards will make a gas fireplace reliable as well as enjoyable.

Get Your Fireplace Cleaned and Inspected

First things first.  Have a certified chimney company clean and inspect your chimney.  If there is debris in your chimney, it could catch fire.  If enough creosote is present, that too could ignite.

Purchase a Gas Fireplace with All Necessary Sensors

When shopping for a gas fireplace, make sure an oxygen-depletion sensor is installed with it.

The oxygen-depletion sensor causes the gas to shut off if the fireplace gets too cold or a carbon monoxide build-up.  Also, install a carbon monoxide sensor on every floor of the home.  Carbon monoxide is a lethal gas that is odorless and invisible.  Although instances are rare, the gas has killed families of homes without a sensor.

This Isn’t a Do-It-Yourself Project

Working with propane tanks and gas lines is dangerous.  To ensure the family’s safety, start by hiring a licensed gas fireplace installer.

Follow All Local Building Codes

Make sure your new fireplace will be up to local building codes.

Insist your contractor apply for and obtain a building permit for your gas fireplace.  There will be an inspection and another set of eyes on the work your contractor has completed.

Keep Little Hands Away From The Glass

The glass of a gas fireplace gets very hot.  Teach everyone in your home not to touch the glass to prevent burns.

Comply With The 3′ Rule

Make sure all furniture, rugs, toys, etc., are kept three feet from the glass of your gas fireplace. This time of year, especially, as the Christmas decorations are brought out.

cleaning gas fireplace logs, bloomfield ctGet The Gas Fireplace Logs Cleaned

It is recommended that the fireplace logs be cleaned annually.  A gas fireplace retailer can do this.  The technician will clean the logs and make them look their best.  Other functions will be checked, such as the fan and air circulation passages, checking the sensor batteries, ensuring all vents are unobstructed, and cleaning the glass.

Pay Attention

If the flames in your gas fireplace change or there is a funny smell, call your fireplace service professional.  If gas can be smelled, grab the phone, leave the house, and call 911.

No Shortcuts

It is always exciting for homeowners to get something new in their house.  Don’t take shortcuts when installing a new gas fireplace.  When the fireplace is safely installed, sit back, and relax and enjoy the ambiance.

Call Northeastern Chimney

Northeastern Chimney, LLC is your full-service fireplace and chimney company.  Our nearly four decades of service have taught us that satisfied customers are customers for life.  Many of our clients have been with us since we opened our doors.

Our company provides continuing education for our technicians.   Training on new techniques and new equipment are offered regularly to our staff.  Chimneys are at the mercy of the weather, age, and various other conditions.  Our technicians are trained in every aspect of cleaning, repair, and rebuilding.

If a chimney needs care, we will be there.


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