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What Do You Need To Know Before Hiring A Chimney Sweep?

Even if you only use your chimney for a few months out of the year, it should still be inspected before the start of each season. There are five things to keep in mind when hiring a chimney sweep. The first tip looks at what the company includes with their basic chimney sweep package.

Chimney Sweeping New Britain CTWhat services do they perform during a sweep?

A typical chimney sweep appointment should last no less than one hour. During your sweep, however, your technician should do more than simply sweep the ashes out of your firebox and call it a day. Instead, they should: Perform an in-depth inspection of the chimney system, including the firebox, flue, brick
and mortar, crown, and cap; Remove all blockages such as leaves or any animals that made their way into the flue; Offer to repair a broken or missing crown; And remove any buildup of creosote, the sticky, tar-like substance that can eventually lead to a chimney fire.

Is their team knowledgeable?

Each Northeastern Chimney team member receives extensive training to ensure that our technicians are knowledgeable in all aspects of chimney maintenance and repair. Training and education are vital. When hiring a chimney sweep, be sure to look for context clues on their website and marketing materials that indicate if they train their team members.

The last thing you need is someone who doesn’t know much about the industry giving your chimney a passing grade when, in fact, it needs repairs before you use it again.

Do they offer free estimates?

A small yet important thing to consider when hiring a chimney sweep is if they offer free estimates for repair. All legitimate chimney sweep firms will offer free quotes for their services. This is important especially if your chimney hasn’t been serviced for a while and may require more than normal focus during your sweep.

What prices do they charge?

Finally, do they tell you the price of a sweep and inspection before performing services? Are they transparent with their overall pricing when asked? And as a minor note, does their pricing seem fair, fitting into your budget?

Chimney Liner Repair, Bristol CTDo they offer repair services?

As we already alluded to, your chimney sweep company must offer repair services. Some can be taken care of on the same day, such as replacing a missing chimney cap. Others may require a second appointment, especially if during the inspection your technician discovers problems with the structure or gaps in the brick and mortar. If all they offer on their site is to clean your chimney and nothing else, consider finding another option.

Hiring a chimney sweep in Connecticut

Hiring a chimney sweep is an incredibly important decision. You need to be absolutely certain that the company you hire is credible, knowledgeable, and well-trained to do the job the right way. We take extra caution with our team members to ensure each of them is well-versed in the proper way to perform a chimney sweep. When it’s time for yours, give us a call. You can contact Northeastern Chimney, LLC via phone at 860-233-5770 or our website contact form.

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