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How To Increase Fireplace Efficiency

Not only can fireplaces look beautiful, but they can also be an excellent source of warmth during the winter. Whether you have a gas fireplace or a wood-burning fireplace – if you are using your fireplace for warmth – it’s important to make sure it’s running as efficiently as possible. Here are things you can do to prevent heat from escaping from your fireplace and keep it running efficiently.

use the right firewood to increase fireplace efficiency, West Hartford CT

Use The Right Firewood

If you have a traditional wood-burning fireplace, it’s important to be mindful of the type of wood you are using.

Dry wood burns much more efficiently than freshly cut wood because of its low moisture content. Seasoned wood that has been cut at least one year ago is going to give you the best possible burn.

Fresh wood, on the flipside, not only burns inefficiently, but it can also cause a lot of excess smoke. Dry, seasoned wood is your best option for burning.

Open The Bottom Damper or A Nearby Window

Wood-burning fireplaces tend to lose a lot of heat as the smoke flows up through the chimney. To combat this, you’ll need to find ways to pull air out through the room you are trying to heat so it doesn’t flow upward. Many fireplaces have a bottom damper that you can open to do this. Bottom dampers typically let air out through the base of the firebox.

If you don’t have a bottom damper, you can also crack a window in the room you are trying to heat while the fire is burning. Although this may seem counterintuitive, it actually pulls the warm air through the room. After the fire has finished burning and all of the smoke has escaped, be sure to close the flue and any open windows. This will keep the warmth in your space and prevent it from escaping.

Keep Gas Fireplaces Insulated

In most cases, gas fireplaces are going to be far more efficient than wood-burning fireplaces. If you have a gas fireplace, it’s important to make sure it is properly insulated. This helps prevent the heat from escaping through any structural weaknesses in your home. If you have tempered glass in your gas fireplace, consider swapping it out for a ceramic glass instead, as the material is inherently much more efficient.

Install A Fireplace Insert

Inserts are one of the most effective ways to increase your fireplace’s heat output. Fireplace inserts use a heat exchanger to push extra warmth out into your home. This delivers much more heat with each fire.

regular chimney inspections, West Hartford CTSchedule Regular Chimney Inspections

Regular chimney inspections are essential for keeping your fireplace working efficiently. Your chimney tech can identify potential problems that you might not have found on your own and suggest appropriate repairs.

If you’re due for a chimney inspection in Connecticut, Northeastern Chimney can help. Give us a call at (860)-233-5770 or contact us online to schedule an appointment today!

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