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Keep Your Chimney & Fireplace in Good Working Order

There is a laundry list of reasons to keep your fireplace in top top shape. The fireplace can be a centerpiece of your home; no one will disagree with that.  It creates a certain ambiance to a formal room and a welcoming glow to a family room.  A fireplace provides heat; it can improve the value of your home and is a relaxing place after a hard day at work.

A chimney that is not in good working order isn’t helping your home.  It could be harming your house. First and probably the most important is getting your chimney cleaned and inspected annually.  These inspections should be done in the early fall to avoid any problems with winter weather prolonging the inspection date.

have annual chimney inspections, New Britain CTChimney Inspections

With cleaning and inspection, a pair of trained eyes will be looking both inside and outside your chimney.  The technician will not just clean your chimney; they will do all the following:

  • Check the damper and flue
  • Clean out any animals and debris
  • Look for creosote build-up
  • The simple step of cleaning and inspection can save heartache.

Secondly, a chimney inspection should be done for the safety of you and your family.  A thorough assessment of your chimney can detect a build-up of creosote.  Creosote is a thick sticky film that collects on the inside of the chimney.  This film is also flammable and likely to cause a chimney fire, leading to a dangerous house fire.

Should you worry if your chimney sweep says there is a crack in the chimney or the liner?  Yes, when the inspection is being done, the chimney is cold.  Cracks may appear small, but when a fire is lit, many areas of brick and mortar will expand.  The temperature in your chimney can get upwards of 250 degrees.  Those tiny cracks widen with the heat and cause an increasingly dangerous environment.

Thirdly, an in-depth chimney inspection will go further. This step is necessary to ensure the chimney has no leaks, cracks, or crumbling mortar.  With this step, a homeowner can ensure no moisture is getting into the house via the chimney.

chimney tuckpointing for moisture damage, rocky hill ctChimney Moisture Damage

If you’re seeing brown stains on the ceiling or walls around the chimney, chances are good moisture damage has already started.   There may be black mold growing on the inside of your walls.  However, all is not lost.  When the in-depth assessment is done, the technician can get an idea of how many bricks are broken and how much mortar is cracked.  Although rebuilding a chimney is not cheap, it will save your home and your family from a damaged chimney that could be even costlier.

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Northeastern Chimney, LLC in West Hartford is your full-service chimney company.  We provide most services when it comes to chimneys.  Our technicians are highly trained using the most up-to-date equipment and technology.

Our company is a member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild, and all our field technicians are certified by The Chimney Safety Institute of America.

Northeastern Chimney, LLC is in the chimney business.  Call us to schedule a chimney cleaning and inspection today.


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