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Lower Your Home Heating Costs with a Fireplace Blower

fireplace blower install in granby ctFrom bitterly cold temperatures to winter storms, Connecticut has been hit hard this season. Lounging next to a warm hearth on frosty evenings makes the time indoors more enjoyable. Unfortunately, many fireplaces don’t produce enough heat to warm up a room when the temperature falls down to the teens or lower. Installing a fireplace blower can help your fireplace beat the cold and reduce your energy costs.

Low efficiency gas fireplaces and traditional masonry fireplaces release most of the heat they produce outside. It escapes up the chimney instead of circulating in the room. This is why many fireplaces can’t heat large spaces. There is a solution to this problem: a fireplace blower. Installing a fireplace blower is a simple and easy way to transform your fireplace into an effective heating source that can reduce your energy costs.

A fireplace blower draws cold air from your home into the fire to fuel it and pushes hot air from the fire out into the room. This system helps heat from the fireplace to circulate in your home and makes your fireplace more efficient. Increased efficiency means your fireplace will use less fuel to produce more heat.

When you use your fireplace with a blower, you’ll be able to turn down your furnace and rely on your fireplace to keep you warm.

Benefits of a Fireplace Blower

  • Affordable
  • Long lasting
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Inexpensive to use
  • Runs quietly
  • Effectively heats large rooms
  • Dramatically increase fireplace efficiency
  • Lower energy costs
  • Installs quickly and easily

Choosing the Right Fireplace Blower Kit

Whether or not you can install a blower kit in your fireplace depends on the type of fireplace that you have. If you have a gas fireplace or fireplace insert, the manual it came with should specify if it is compatible with a blower or fan kit. Most “circulating fireplaces” include the option to install a blower. If you no longer have the manual, you may be able to look up the information online with the name of the brand and model. You could also consult a hearth expert.

If you would like to install a blower kit in a masonry fireplace, you should consult with a hearth expert who can assess whether it can safely accommodate one. They can also recommend the best blowers to choose from if your fireplace is compatible.

Advantages of a Fireplace with a Pre-Installed Blower

hartford ct fireplace blower installIf you have been thinking about installing a new gas fireplace, fireplace insert or stove, you have the chance to buy one with a pre-installed blower. Along with sparing you the cost of buying a blower in the future, heating appliances that are equipped with a pre-installed blower are even more effective. Since the firebox and blower are designed to work together, the blower can work effectively even when the glass doors on your fireplace or stove are closed. This increases the fire’s the efficiency. In contrast, if you add a blower to a fireplace that doesn’t have one, you may have to leave the glass doors open so that it will work correctly.

If you want to reduce reliance on your home’s central heating system, invest an alternative heating source with a blower. A fireplace, fireplace insert or stove with a blower can effectively zone heat your home this winter.

Give our hearth experts at Northeastern Chimney a call if you have questions about finding a fireplace blower or want to find the best new fireplace or stove for your home!

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