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Fall is the Time for Gas Fireplace Maintenance

Cooler weather is quickly approaching. Soon, you’ll be thinking of cozy winter nights in front of a warm fire. Before you light a fire for the first time this season, however, you’ll need to take care of some gas fireplace maintenance tasks. Fall is the perfect time to do so since the system hasn’t been in use since the spring. Here are the top things we recommend to all Northeastern Chimney customers to keep in mind as you get your fireplace ready for the winter and fall seasons.

First, there are several areas to inspect

Your fireplace consists of several components. Gas fireplace maintenance is similar, yet slightly different, from those homeowners who have a wood-burning system. Both types have a chimney and firebox and those areas should be on top of your inspection checklist. Even though gas fireplace systems lack creosote danger, the brick and mortar of your system can still crack and deteriorate from being exposed to the elements. In addition, you should also inspect your damper vent to ensure it opens and closes as expected.

A to-do on your list that wood-burning fireplace owners lack is the burner. You’ll want to look for rust or other damage on it before using your system for the first time. Then, inspect your ceramic burner logs to ensure they are free of damage. Finally, make certain that your glass doors are free of cracks or other damage.

Chimney Sweep New Britain, CTNow, its time to clean

To recap, the areas we mentioned were:

  • Your chimney’s masonry;
  • The firebox;
  • Your damper;
  • The system’s burner;
  • Your ceramic bricks;
  • And the fireplace’s glass doors.

These are areas that, after inspection, should also be cleaned to ensure your fireplace functions properly. Your chimney may still have debris inside of it, especially if you are missing your chimney cap. Clearing obstructions internally should be your priority after confirming the structural integrity of your masonry. Next, clean your firebox by vacuuming the floor. You should also wipe down the interior while keeping an eye out for rust or cracks. Your damper may have dust on it, so vacuum or clean this off while you’re there.

Remove your bricks from the burner and use a soft brush to clean the soot off of it. Be mindful of the type of cleaner you use, as abrasive materials can cause more damage. Then, use that same soft brush to clean your ceramic bricks. Finally, use a gentle streak-free glass cleaner to give your doors a clean, sparkling appearance.

Gas Fireplace Services Hartford, CT

General maintenance

Servicing your gas fireplace is a relatively detailed process. In addition to cleaning and inspecting the areas we mentioned, you should also ensure that the thermocouple is clean and functions properly. You will also need to check the pressure on your gas lines and reassemble all of the parts back together seamlessly. Now is also the time to consider upgrades to your system, such as adding a remote or a fan.

Fireplace maintenance keeps your family safe

Each step that we’ve mentioned today can be completed by the home DIYer. However, it’s far more efficient (and overall safer) to work with a certified chimney specialist to make certain everything is clean and functioning properly. Our team would love to give you the peace of mind that comes with a proper chimney inspection. Contact the team at Northeastern Chimney to schedule your inspection and gas fireplace maintenance appointment by calling 860-233-5770 or through our website

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