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Why You Should Shop Early for a New Fireplace, Stove or Fireplace Insert

wood stoves ctAs we move into the early-summer months of May and June, the last thing on most people’s minds is the dead of winter and home-heating options.  But if you’ve been considering adding a new fireplace, stove or fireplace insert to your home for the upcoming cold season, this may be the best time to do your shopping.

Like everything else, the purchase of heating appliances tends to be seasonal.  And for many shoppers, that means last-minute.  Save yourself the hassle by shopping early.  There are several advantages in doing this.

Closeout savings

Many fireplace and hearth retailers in early summer need to make room for new models for the fall.  Yet they still have varying levels of inventory left over from last season.  For this reason, it’s not uncommon to find great deals on superior products that would make ideal additions to your home.  From fireplaces and wood stoves to inserts and gas log sets, you may find some very attractive deals.

Fewer shoppers to contend with

While the average fireplace store in September doesn’t look like the average Best Buy on the day after Thanksgiving, more people do their fireplace shopping in late summer/early fall than at other times.  Cold is on the way, we better stop putting this off, goes their thinking.  Well, you’ll bypass those crowds if your thinking says to start looking for the perfect unit months before everybody else does.  In addition, by shopping early, hearth store floor staff generally have more time to spend with you and help you make the best choice.

Installers and technicians have more time on their hands

nec insertRemember that buying a new fireplace or a stove isn’t like buying a new computer.  You don’t just take the appliance home, unbox it and plug and play.  For most types of home heating appliances, whether they run on gas or wood, you’re going to need professional assistance in getting it set up in proper working order.  Fireplace and chimney contractors and installers, like hearth store personnel, usually are less busy in the spring and summer, so scheduling their visit will take a lot less threading of the needle.

Northeastern Chimney, headquartered in West Hartford, Connecticut, can professionally and safely install whatever type of home-heating appliance you decide to purchase.  We’re thoroughly experienced with top brands such as Regency, Hampton, Pacific Energy, Napoleon and all the others.  Shop early, get the right unit and have it up and running with plenty of time before winter hits.  Call us at (860) 233-5770.


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