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Signs of a Trustworthy Chimney Sweep

No matter who you have working on your house, they need to be reputable and trustworthy. The same is true for who you partner with for your chimney needs. Here are six signs you’ve partnered with a trustworthy chimney sweep company.

Hire a Chimney Sweep Canton, CTThey continually train their staff

Continuing education is vitally important to understanding how to sweep a chimney and repair any problems. All Northeastern Chimney team members receive ongoing training to ensure that we can provide our customers with solutions that meet their needs and the highest possible quality service. As technology changes in this industry, we believe it’s important that our technicians fully grasp how to use those new tools.

They have long-standing experience in the industry

Everyone has to start somewhere. When a new business owner launches a chimney sweep business, they should already have many years in the business prior to starting their company. Because fireplace repairs can have significant consequences for your home, technicians need to be both skilled and experienced. A fly-by-night startup firm may eventually prove themselves, though you will want to be extremely cautious before signing on the dotted line when they’re in the early stages of their business.

They present themselves professionally

When we say present themselves professionally, we’re not referring to suits and ties. After all, sweeping a chimney is a relatively dirty business. However, we expect all Northeastern Chimney employees to be kind, courteous, and respectful of every customer we serve.

External websites speak highly of their services

With digital marketing now more prevalent than traditional forms of advertising, customers can do their own research before making a purchase decision. Those in the trades, such as a chimney sweep firm, are no different. Google and Facebook are great places to read unfiltered and honest reviews from past customers. There you can also see how the company responds to criticism or any customer service complaints.

They’re fully insured against accidents

Business insurance protecting against liabilities and accidents is absolutely vital. If there are any unexpected issues, those insurance coverages will protect both you and the business. If they don’t have valid insurance, stay clear of them. However, if they have full coverage, it’s a sign you’ve partnered with a trustworthy chimney sweep.

They provide references without hesitation

Most companies who have been in business for a while can provide some kind of proof of prior services performed. They should be able to give you a couple of names that you can call for a reference. If they hesitate, it’s a red flag to take note of.

Chimney Sweep Services, New Britain, CTWe are Connecticut’s premier and trustworthy chimney sweep company

For nearly 30 years, we’ve been serving Connecticut with chimney-related services, ranging from repairs to sweeps to inspections and more. We embrace each of these characteristics, including the importance of ongoing training, professionalism, and treating each customer with the utmost respect. If it’s time to schedule your next Chimney sweep, contact the team here at Northeastern Chimney, LLC by phone, 860-233-5770, or via our website.

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