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Don’t Ignore These Common Signs of Chimney Damage!

It is a widely accepted fact, even the best-maintained homes will have problems.  It matters not, new or old, ranch or colonial homes will give owners trouble.  Unfortunately, one part of the home that is continually overlooked is the importance of having your chimney serviced.

chimney leaking in lagrange nyA few signs inside the home to look for

If the homeowner starts looking for problems inside the home, a few issues are considered problematic.

Faded, moldy, or peeling wallpaper around the chimney is the first sign of trouble.  This indicates there is moisture seeping from the inside of the chimney.  The moisture is the reason for the mold from rainwater.

Another inside problem would be rust on the firebox as well as on the damper.  In the same scenario, moisture is the reason for the rust, and the culprit is rain.

Many significant signs will be on the chimney itself.

If the homeowner has a head for heights, take the initiative, get up on the roof, and take a good look at the condition of bricks and mortar.  What condition are the bricks in?  Do the bricks seem to be flaking or cracking?  If so, chimney techs call this spalling.  Bricks are porous, and if your area is prone to weather or temperature extremes, this flaking or cracking is inevitable.  These temperature fluctuations cause expanding and contracting bricks and mortar.  Look at the crown of the chimney (the very top of the brickwork).  Is it cracked or even broken?  The very same applies here.

chimney flashing, farmington ctThe flashing of the chimney is the metal sheet that adds extra protection from weather wear and tear.  If the flashing is loose-fitting, that alone can be the cause of any damage to your chimney, especially from rainwater.

The chimney cap is another vital part of the chimney.  If the cap is cracked or bent, trouble is brewing.  Animals can get into your chimney and start damaging the flue.  The cap also protects the elements from ruining the entire chimney by letting in debris, rain, and wind.

The worst part of the damage can happen if any one of these issues is present.  A damaged flue or flue liner can wreak havoc on both the house and the chimney.  If there is a crack or split in the flue, many other problems are just a matter of time.  Sparks and/or smoke can find their way back into the home causing smoke damage, fire, or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Northeastern Chimney, LLC has been in business for almost 40 years.  Our focus has always been to provide the best chimney cleaning, chimney and fireplace repairs, and masonry rebuilding throughout central Connecticut.

Our staff has continuing education in the most up-to-date methods and products along with the best equipment for all our chimney cleaning and maintenance.  Our service staff is punctual, polite and we leave the area as clean or cleaner than we found it.

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