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Smoke Detectors in Your Bedrooms – 2015 National Fire Prevention Week

National Fire Prevention WeekNational Fire Prevention Week is October 4-10, 2015. As always, the event is sponsored by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). This year’s theme is “Hear the beep where you sleep; every bedroom needs a working smoke alarm.” Approximately half of all home fire fatalities happen between 11 pm and 7 am, when the household is asleep. By simply installing a smoke alarm in each bedroom and other recommended areas of the home, the chances of dying in a fire are reduced by 50%.

Materials for Fire Prevention Week

The NFPA is sponsoring a winning campaign that includes wonderful materials that will help spread the word about fire safety. Communities are urged to participate in the campaign. The types of material available are posters, stickers, fire hats, banners, t-shirts, brochures, activity and coloring books, and more. New products introduced this year include tattoos, drawstring sports bags, snap bracelets, and water bottles. Online, smoke alarm music videos are available, in addition to materials that can help children learn about the importance of fire safety.

Fire Prevention Week Challenge

The NFPA has issued a Fire Prevention Week (FPW) Challenge, designed to spread the important message of the safety campaign. Fire departments across the U.S. are asked to share and demonstrate their best FPW activity, for a chance to win a Fire Safety Sports Box. State fire marshals’ offices and local fire departments are eligible to enter. Ten random winners will receive the prize. Entries must be submitted by October 31, 2015, at midnight.

Strategies for Participation in FPW

There are numerous ideas for getting involved with this year’s important safety campaign, including the following:

  • In pre-school and elementary level classrooms, lesson plans and music videos can be used to motivate children to get involved with fire safety while also having fun learning. See NFPA’s
  • Local firefighters can be invited to meet at a children’s sports event. A banner can be used, and a table can be set up to display educational materials.
  • A community exhibit or fire station open house can set the stage for sharing the life-saving message: “Hear the beep where you sleep; every bedroom needs a working smoke alarm.” Learning stations can be created that appeal to every age level.

Fire Statistics

As part of FPW, the NFPA shares statistics that highlight the risk of house fires and the danger of not having operational smoke alarms. See information and statistics below, just a fraction of what is available on the FPW web pages:

  • Dangerous Chimney FireIn 2013, 2,755 people died in home structure fires.
  • There were 12,200 civilian injuries as a result of home fires in 2013.
  • The total number of home structure fires in 2013 is: 369,500.
  • Approximately 25% of home fire fatalities in 2013 were the result of fires that started in a bedroom.
  • Cooking was the leading cause of home fire injuries in 2013, and heating equipment was the second leading cause.
  • Smoking materials cause more home fire fatalities than anything else.
  • There were 12 home fires in 2013 that killed five or more people; 67 people died in those 12 fires alone.

Check out this informative video on fire safety & smoke alarms from Sparky the Fire Dog

Visit the website for Fire Protection Week for materials related to FPW events.

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