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April Showers Bring…. Chimney Leaks

chimney leaks, farmington ctIt’s spring, and for most of the country, that means rain and more rain.  As homeowners, we know when our roof leaks and when the windows aren’t as tightly sealed as they should be.  When chimneys leak, many times, we are oblivious to the problem.

Below are some indications your chimney may be leaking.

  • Are there water stains on the walls and ceiling around your chimney?
  • Is there standing water or excess moisture in the firebox?
  • Can you hear dripping water coming from inside the chimney?
  • Are musty or moldy odors coming from your chimney?
  • Are you noticing cracks in the brickwork outside on the chimney itself?

All of these are good indications that your chimney needs help.  Many homeowners wonder why the damage wasn’t more visible.  How did this happen?

A variety of factors can contribute to chimney leaks.  Without the benefit of regular chimney inspections, these problems can go undetected until it’s too late.

  • Loose-fitting or missing chimney flashing:  The chimney flashing is a series of metal strips installed around the outside of the chimney to protect the structures around it.  If the flashing is bent, has a broken seal, been damaged by animals, or is missing altogether, water is getting into your home.
  • Chimney Cap: This cap is placed on the top of the chimney to prevent rain, leaves, and other organic debris and animals from entering your chimney.  If this cap is missing, your chimney is being exposed to nature and its elements.
  • Weakened or cracked brickwork: Temperature change and weather contribute to the degradation of the masonry of your chimney.

Any one of these circumstances can result in costly repairs.  Having your chimney inspected at regular intervals will alert a homeowner to problems before they become huge headaches.

There are a few measures to staying proactive with your chimney.

These are suggestions before the problems start.

cracked chimney, canton ct

  • Have your chimney cleaned and inspected regularly.  With frequent high winds in spring and summer, this is a must.
  • Make a visual inspection periodically.  Animals can do a serious amount of damage in a short time frame.  If you aren’t afraid of heights, get a ladder and check the flashing and the chimney cap.
  • Pay close attention to the masonry.  Your chimney weighs approximately 5 to 7 tons.  Flooding can weaken the ground beneath your chimney and cause shifting.  If cracks and broken bricks along with a leaning of your chimney are present, call a chimney expert immediately.

From the outside, your chimney might not look like much, however, it has many components.  In Central Connecticut, Northeastern Chimney, LLC is the leading chimney service provider.  We offer all services concerning your chimney, cleaning, video inspection, masonry, cap repair and replacement, and flashing repair.  Our staff is licensed and insured, and our company provides continuous training in the most up-to-date techniques and equipment.

Our service experts arrive on time in clean, well-equipped trucks.  Our technicians have freshly laundered uniforms, and all have a name tag with their picture on them.  We like to leave your location cleaner than we found it.

Chimneys need yearly inspections and cleaning; Northeastern Chimney, LLC is here to help.  37 Cody St, West Hartford, CT 06110 | (860) 233-5770

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