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What to Do If You Suspect Mold in Your Chimney or Fireplace

preventing chimney mold smells in hartford ctYou could have an unexpected hazard growing in your chimney.

Have you noticed a distinctly musty odor coming from your fireplace that you suspect might be the sign of mold? If you have, your fears might be valid and it would be wise to contact a certified chimney sweep who has experience removing mold.

Why does mold grow in chimneys?

There are many ways that moisture can seep into your chimney. Bricks and mortar that have not been properly water proofed can act like sponges, absorbing large amounts of moisture during rainy periods. A damaged chimney cap, badly installed chimney chase top or cracked chimney crown could also let water leak into your chimney. Like any other dark, dank, poorly ventilated environment, your chimney in this condition will be an ideal breeding ground for mold.

Why is it important to contact a specialist to remove mold?

Mold doesn’t just produce an unpleasant smell, it also releases spores into the air that can cause serious health issues when you breathe them in, from asthma attacks and allergic reactions to permanent lung damage. If you do not wear the appropriate protective gear when removing mold, you can inhale dangerous spores. You also may not have the equipment needed to find and remove all of the mold in your chimney. A certified chimney specialist will have the tools, supplies and protective gear to properly remove all of the mold in your chimney without harm to himself or others.

What should I expect when a chimney sweep arrives to inspects and remove the mold?

best chimney sweeps in town avon ctIf we arrived at your home to inspect your home’s chimney for mold and remove it, the first thing one of our CSIA certified chimney sweeps would do is feed a camera into the chimney to examine the flue lining and look for mold. In the process, we would also look for ways moisture might be getting into the chimney like cracks in the flue lining or a loose chimney cap. After fully inspecting the inside of the chimney, we would also do a visual inspection of the outside for exterior mold.

If mold is found, we would take additional steps to remove it with the proper chemicals and gear. After it is removed, we would give you a full report and talk about courses of action that we could take to make your chimney waterproof. The options that we recommend will be based on what we discover during our thorough inspection of your chimney. Our goal isn’t to sell you unnecessary service. You can trust that we will only provide solutions for real problems. Our goal is to protect homeowners in Central Connecticut from the risks that chimneys can pose so that you can enjoy your fireplaces without the fear of becoming sick from mold or carbon monoxide. Northeastern Chimney is a member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG) because we think it is important to stay on the cutting edge of masonry repair and cleaning so that we can best serve you.

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