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The Dangers Of Chimney Leaks

No matter the size or location, there are several dangers of chimney leaks. After all, water can be hard to track down and is often a major headache by the time you notice a problem. For example, a small leak in your attic can go unnoticed until it starts affecting the ceilings in your bedrooms. Chimneys are not immune to the effects associated with water making its way into your home. Here are four common dangers of chimney leaks and what to do about them.

Chimney Flashing Repair in Newington CTChimney leaks can lead to costly repairs

As water seeps in through cracks or damaged areas of your chimney, it can cause an untold number of issues. Since this is an area you don’t see regularly, by the time you do see it, the damage is often extensive. Unfortunately, when left go for so long, the cost of repair will be far higher, especially if it has had ample time to cause damage to your home. A routine sweep today from Northeastern Chimney can help reduce the likelihood of unexpected repair bills down the road.

Damage resulting from poorly installed or missing flashing

Flashing creates a waterproof seal between your chimney and roof. As this is usually made of metal, it’s prone to rusting — especially if it wasn’t installed correctly. If your flashing is damaged, or missing entirely, water has an easy access point. Professionally installing your flashing and performing annual preventative maintenance tasks on it is another way to avoid the dangers of chimney leaks.

Cracks caused by crumbling mortar

Mortar is a porous material. And given its location on the exterior of your home, it’s prone to cracks and damage. In areas with a seasonal freeze and thaw cycle, the expansion and retraction can cause the brick and mortar to crumble and crack.

The best way to fix this danger of chimney leaks is (after repairing the damaged masonry) to apply a layer of waterproof sealant to your chimney. This can help prolong the life of your masonry and mitigate water damage altogether.


Water leaking in through a missing or damaged chimney cap

Have you noticed your chimney cap is missing or damaged? Don’t put off scheduling a repair or installation. The cap is another critical component of your chimney system as it prevents rain as well as debris and animals from finding their way into your home.

Cracks in the crown

Much like a royal crown adorning the head of a reigning monarch, a chimney crown covers the top of the chimney. And like the cracks in a metaphorical kingdom, small blemishes today can cause larger damage later.

Leaky Chimney Crown Repair in Windsor Locks CTSince you’re unlikely to see the top of your chimney often (or at all), you won’t be aware of the damage until it’s a larger issue. During your annual inspection, your chimney sweep can let you know if this needs to be repaired.

Let the professionals at Northeastern Chimney fix your leaks

Our team understands that no leak is truly a small leak. We want to help keep your family shielded from the dangers of chimney leaks, including keeping your home safe and your family’s health protected.

Do you have a leak you need to have a professional look at? Then let us know. Call the team at Northeastern Chimney, LLC at 860-233-5770 or send us a short message via our contact form.

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