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Why is Pellet Stove Service So Important?

Pellet stoves use innovative technology to burn wood products with such efficiency that the heating appliances are recognized by the EPA as virtually smokeless. Unlike standard wood stoves and fireplaces that burn logs and need to be tended and continuously monitored for safety’s sake, pellet stoves offer hands-free operation for up to 36 hours. These are just a couple of the benefits of using a pellet stove to cut heating costs in winter. Anyone who has one of these environmentally friendly stoves should be aware, however, of the importance of pellet stove maintenance.

How a Pellet Stove Operates

Pellet Stove Install in Bristol, CTThe operation of a pellet stove involves a lot more than what it takes to fire up and burn logs in a traditional stove. It’s easier to grasp the importance of pellet stove service when you know about the various components involved in the appliance’s operation, details of which follow.

Fuel Mechanism

Small pellets made of wood waste are fed into a pellet stove through a hopper in one of two ways. Some simply use gravity and others use an augur.


An augur is a mechanized way to feed fires with the pellet fuel. The faster the pellets are fed into the burn pot, the hotter the fire.

Combustion Chamber

The fire pot, also known as a burner ring, is in the combustion chamber. Due to the dynamics of the chamber, pellet fires don’t have the same mesmerizing, relaxing appearance of a traditional wood fire. Air that is blown into the combustion chamber ensures intense flames and very hot fires.

Heat Exchanger

A fan is part of the operation of a pellet stove, and the fan pulls in air from the room and blows it across the heat exchanger. The air is warmed to approximately 250ºF. The warmed air is then returned to the room. Electricity is required to operate the fan. If the power goes out, a pellet stove will shut down.

Pellet Stove Venting

Venting of pellet stoves doesn’t have to be through a conventional masonry chimney. Metal chimneys can be used, as well. The issue of creosote is greatly minimized due to the remarkable burn efficiency of pellet stoves. Combustion gases contain almost no particulate matter.

Why Pellet Stove Maintenance is Important

Pellet stove maintenance in New Britain, CT The quickest way to interfere with the tremendous efficiency of a pellet stove is to neglect annual maintenance services. The various components of a pellet stove work together for eco-friendly operation. For instance, the pressured air that is drawn into a pellet stove by the exhaust doesn’t just draw air in. Dust, dander, lint, and pet hair are continuously drawn in. The passages this debris travels through needs to be cleared routinely. Otherwise, the air is unable to circulate properly and heating efficiency is lost.

The longevity of your pellet stove is largely determined by how well the components work together, and that entire process can be hindered by the use of substandard pellet fuel. Owners of pellet stoves should understand that not all pellet fuel is recommended for use. It is essential to use only high-quality pellets. In essence, this means that the pellets contain wood waste such as sawdust and woodchips but no bark. The addition of bark greatly increases ash content and can impact the longevity of the pellet stove.

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